Vista de Song
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Vista Christina de Song
General Information
Gender: Omg, I'm a giiiiiiiirl!
Age: In my sweet 16 :)
Hair Color: Brownish-blackish
Eye Color: Brooown!
Birthday: July 11th :P
Height: Classified -.-"
Weight: ^
Occupation(s): I'm a shadowhunter and a student at the same time.
Aliases: Vi
Family & Friends
Family: Uh dad, mom, Farren (the most awesomest sister on le planet!) and Justin who is a complete douche -.-
Friends: Psh, I have pizza. Who needs friends?
Relationships: Singleeeeeeee
Pet(s): Uh, Puga-chan. My pug :P
Enemies: Pft, everyone likes me! :D
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Cooking, Reading, Unicorns and like a lot of stuff
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Guitar, Piano, and more.
Weaknesses: None
Series Information
First appearance: idk
Last appearance: idk
Portrayer: Lisa Cimorelliiiiiii!


  • Hair Color: Brownish-Blackish?
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Meh

Okay, I have this really weird style, I like being ORIGINAL. Originality is basically the most important thing to me so please don't copy my style, else you will die early with a piece of pizza on your face :1


  • Parents: Le best people in the world!
  • Farren de Song: Favorite sibling, no one can beat her. She's the best one, Justin just sits on the couch hogging the TV remote when that's my job :(
  • Justin de Song: Get the f*ck of the couch, it's my go. Anyways love ya bro :1
  • Other siblings that I'm not bothered to mention: Meh, love 'em. :)


The truth? Vista is a random girl who loves to eat pizza. Pizza, pizza, pizza. It's her favorite food, she's weird in a good way and she smokes time to time. She has this habit of judging people from sitting on a tree, she can be a huge nerd sometimes and is very over-protective for her younger sister. Farren de Song. She acts as if she was drunk sometimes and loves Red Bull, she can be really cold and unemotional when people piss her off though.


I was born to my lovely parents, I grew up. The first time I ate pizza was probably when I was five years-old. And I got frickin' addicted to it. Pizza is my life now. I soon got accepted to Pacific and here I am :)


Meh, everyone loves me. And I have pizza so. Screw it :P


  • I ship Nalu and I hate Gruvia, Juvia's a stalker o.O so yeah.
  • I am a tumblr addicted and frickin' love gaming
  • Pizza = Vista de Song :P
  • Uh yes I am a huge BTR and One Direction fan
  • I love the Vampire Diaries
  • I SHIP STELENA! <3 Why did she end up with Damon :'(
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