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i won't say i'm in love. – Child of my caretakers
– Who'd'ya think you're kiddin'? He's the Earth and heaven to you. Try to keep it hidden, honey, we can see right through you! Girl, ya can't conceal it, we know how ya feel and who you're thinking of!

 – You swoon, you sigh, why deny it, uh-oh? It's too cliche, I won't say I'm in love. I thought my heart had learned its lesson, it feels so good when you start out. My head is screaming get a grip, girl, unless you're dying to cry your heart out!

Hey hey hey. I'm Virginia. I'm a freshman at California Arts College.
Virginia Ann Lang
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General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: January 2, 1995
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110 lbs.
Address: I live in a medium sized house.
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: just don't call me ginny
Family & Friends
Family: Franklin Lang (father), Maryella Rhie (mother), Celestia Lang (sister), Ari-Gema Lang (sister)
Friends: Aerin Park, Su-Jin Kang, Krystal Park
Relationships: lol i'm like the taylor swift of this city (as in breaking up so much).
Pet(s): Well, there is Celestia's dog, but she won't let me near him.
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, acting, volleyball
Education: California Arts College
Weaknesses: Cooking (I burn water lol)
Series Information
First appearance: July 31, 2012
Portrayer: Im Yoona


  • Hair Color: Reddish brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: My hair, probably.

I look like a normal person, I guess. I have naturally black hair, brown eyes, and pale skin, which is honestly pretty typical. I sometimes get bored with my look and I always put on makeup.

I've dyed my hair since I was thirteen, but I wasn't allowed to use real dye until I was sixteen. I used to get a bottle of temporary hairspray and use it to make brown highlights every day, and then the next year I temporarily dyed my hair light brown. But for almost three years, my hair has been a reddish brown color.

I'm really girly. My wardrobe is full of dresses, skirts, and blouses because those are the only things I really like. I hate the overuse of lace, though. The main colors in my wardrobe are blue and purple, but I don't mind adding others. I almost never wear dark clothing.


Franklin LangEdit

My father is amazing. He gives us a lot of freedom and doesn't mind me going out and such. He doesn't like me dating though, because he still thinks I'm his baby.

Maryella LangEdit

I love my mother too. She has a job, but is almost never busy, so when I'm not out at school, I spend most of my time with her out of all the members of my family. Like my father, however, she would like me dating less.

Celestia LangEdit

Celestia is my younger sister. We're not that close, since our parents always separated us, but we are close. We do a lot of things together now, even though we're kind of opposites. lol this is so inaccurate now 

Ari-Gema LangEdit

She's younger by about four years. I don't understand her. I tried my best to be nice to her, but for some reason she won't talk to anyone.


Well, I was born in Monterey Park, California, on January 1, 1996. Monterey Park is about eleven minutes away from Los Angeles, and I really want to go back there someday. I was the first of three daughters born to Maryella, who is of Korean descent, and Daniel Lang, who is of Chinese and Northern Cheyenne descent.

After moving here to LA, I discovered a love for performing, particularly acting and dancing. I auditioned for Hollywood Arts High School and got in, and I was there from August 2012 to March 2013, when there was an earthquake. I finished my studies at home, and then I auditioned for California Arts College and am a freshman as of September 2013.


I guess I'm pretty nice. Sorry if you give me your number and I never call, though, because I'm really busy. I go out a lot but I never really do anything that bad. I'm really fun loving and I get distracted easily.


Too many to count, but three out of four times, they weren't serious.


I'll write descriptions later, but I have Aerin, Jenny, Krystal, and others.


  • My favorite writers are Christine Blevins and Anna Godbersen.
  • I really like music, but all I have time to do anymore is study.
  • The beach is amazing.
  • Peppermint hot chocolate is honestly the best drink ever.
  • i can't believe i'm almost 19 someone help


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