Tamryn Young
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We're so Paris when we kiss – Child of those people idek
– It almost feels like a joke to play a part, you when you don't have the starring role in someone else's heart. You know I'd rather walk alone, than play a supporting role if I can't get a starring role.

 – Is there any possibility you'll quit gossiping about to hide your insecurities? All you you say is blah blah. Girls, they never befriend me because I fall asleep when they speak of all the calories they eat. All they say is na na na na na...

Tamryn K. Young <3
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde...or Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: August 25th, 1995
Height: Why?
Weight: UM NO
Address: o.o
Occupation(s): Student, Dancer, Singer
Aliases: Tammy, Tam, Muffin
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. and Mrs.Young and me
Friends: Hit me up if you're interested :D
Relationships: ;) Same
Pet(s): Kitten, I call her Lil' Muffin
Enemies: Well, I don't really wanna promote you to hate me so...
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, it's my life <3
Education: LASA
Talent: Dancing, some singing
Weaknesses: Nahh
Role-playing Information
First appearance: The Womb
Last appearance: The Tomb
Portrayer: My wifey Tulisa Contostavlos
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