Sienna Robinson
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Sienna Robinson
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General Information
Gender: I'm a girl.
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown 
Birthday: September 28, 1996
Height: Average.
Weight: That's top secret.
Address: ^
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Is it even possible to think of a nickname for Sienna?
Family & Friends
Family:   Ruby Robinson, Alexander Robinson, Vale, Lucy Robinson, and Taylor Robinson.
Friends: Aaron Hopkins
Relationships: N/A
Enemies:  I don't have any yet, even if I did I wouldn't mention any names.
Other Information
Interests: Surfing, the outdoors, animals, and romantic comedies.
Education: Pacific High
Talent: I don't really have a talent.
Weaknesses: Once again, this is top secret.
Series Information
First appearance: My birth.
Last appearance: My death.
Portrayer: Maia Mitchell


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: I don't have a trademark.

I have brown hair that goes down just below my shoulders. I also have average looking brown eyes and there's nothing that really seems to stick out when it comes to the way I look.


Sophia RobinsonEdit

Sophia is my mother, but I don't really have any idea what to think of her. I've never really known her since she just disappeared out of thin air when I was still pretty young. My grandparents said that she was a  wonderful and amazing person though.


Vale is my father. I literally know nothing about him other than his last name is Vale, so that's what I call him.

Alexander RobinsonEdit

My grandfather and I are really close. He's the one who taught me how to surf, swim, and plenty of other things. He's all around amazing.

Ruby RobinsonEdit

My grandmother and I are definitely close, just not as close as my grandfather and I. She's really nice, caring, and just pure loveliness.

Taylor Robinson and Lucy RobinsonEdit

My sisters are my best friends and they're always there for me. Yeah we fight, but all siblings do. Words can't describe how amazing and supportive they are. I love them both, as I do my whole family.


That's top secret.


I absolutely love the outdoors and I'm a huge animal person. I'm in a few advanced classes, but it's nothing too big. People say I'm nice, so that might be true. I may have slight trust issues when it comes to realationships though because of a few of my past boyfriends. There's nothing else really to my personality other than the fact that people think I give great advice. If I counts as anything, I'm also a hopeless romantic and I sometimes flirt without realizing it. Thankfully, that rarely happens.

Other PeopleEdit

Axel EmersonEdit

He's my ex-boyfriend whom I don't feel like saying much about. Anyhow, he cheated on me with my best friend and then lied about it.

Simon JesseyEdit

Simon is a great guy and I hope that we can remain friends. I wouldn't see a problem if we became more than friends though.


  • I absolutely love the beach.
  • My family is very important to me. I'd suggest for you not to mess with them.
  • I have a secret obsession with musicals.
  • Ross Lynch may or may not be my celebrity crush. What? He's cute.
  • Science is my best and favorite subject.
  • When I fall for someone, I fall too hard.
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