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Shor Blakelin
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black/brown
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: February 26, 1996
Height: 6'2
Occupation(s): Guitarist, singer
Family & Friends
Family: Lindsey Blakelin (sister)
Jalin Blakelin (mother)
David Blakelin (father)
Friends: People
Relationships: boo bear
Enemies: Logan Temer (frenemy)
Other Information
Interests: Playing guitar, singing, guys
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Acting, guitar playing, singing
Weaknesses: Hot teachers, celery, grapes
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Utah
Last appearance: Wherever it is, I won't be here to tell you
Shor gif.gif

Love Me Like That – Child of Jalin and David Blakelin
– I wake up and my hair's a mess, and I'm too lazy to get, to get dressed, yeah. I love the way you love me 'cause you love me like that. I love the way you love me 'cause you love me like that.

 – I never took my driving test. So every day you take me, take me to class, yeah. I love the way you love me 'cause you love me like that. I love the way you love me 'cause you love me like that

What up it's Shor.

Hey, I'm Shor Blakelin.


Hair Colour: Black/brown... I may go blonde

Eye Colour: Green

Trademark: Shy at first, fun, fast

I like to wear shorts a lot.


Jalin Blakelin[]

I love my mom. She's an awesome mom. :)

David Blakelin[]

My dad is pretty cool. "What have I taught you?" he says. "What did you teach me?" I say.

Lindsey Blakelin[]

My sister is awesome! She's at college now :( but she rocks, you'd love her. Tumblr lxmcpksslZ1r5ruse.gif


I have a big history. Some things you should know, some you shouldn't. I've been kicked out of two schools. But I'm not a bad teen, only a naughty one who wants what I want when you least expect it.


I'm pretty fun to be around! What else can I say? I try to make life enjoyable. Even though it can be... annoying. But uh yeah. I'm gay, if that makes you feel any better about me... or worse. I will laugh at stuff when it's not funny, only because I'm making it funny in my mind.

Other People[]

Kylar Quinn[]

We may be in a fight but I still love this boy. <3

Tyler Bennett[]

my ex...



  • I play guitar, love it.
  • I don't have a good history with hot teachers.
  • I'm gay.
  • I tend to either really like or strongly dislike my enemies.
  • I named my guitar Ocean, so we're like, Shor and Ocean.
  • Straight guys are so fun.
  • I'm dating a college babe. ;)