Sandara Thompson
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Sandara Marie Thompson
General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 7, 1997
Height: I think my parents know. You should ask them :D
Weight: ^
Address: I live in a house.
Occupation(s): I should get paid for being awesome.
Aliases: too many to list
Family & Friends
Family: My father and my mother... and my other father
Friends: she's like awesomesauce
Relationships: i dated this one guy for like a week?
Enemies: fucking bitch -.-
Other Information
Interests: Dance, Books, Boys
Education: A junior at Pacific High
Talent: Dance
Weaknesses: life in general lol
Series Information
First appearance: Hm...
Last appearance: Hm...

singin' the blues – Child of my parents.
– In another life, I would be your girl. We'd keep all our promises, be us against the world.

 – In another life, I would make you stay. So I don't have to say you were the one that got away.

wat am i even supposed to say here lulz


  • Hair Color: Well, it used to be brown, but my mom let me dye it blonde. I don't know which color I prefer. And I'm back to brunette yay.
  • Eye Color: Brown. I was never a fan of my eyes. They were always too small and not proportionate to my nose and my face.
  • Trademark: my everything is my trademark lawl the fact that i bear a resemblance to kim hyoyeon but still manage to look hideous every day I LIKE STRIKETHROUGHS

When I'm trying to look nice, I'll wear skinny jeans with a nice shirt and flats, and when I'm not trying, I'm just wearing the same thing except with sneakers.


Jiyeon HwangEdit

My mom is really nice. She's a stay-at-home mom (because she runs an online business), so we're really close. I talk to her a lot, because she's also my teacher and there is nobody else at my little home school. I think she is the sweetest person ever :). She is really lenient on my internet usage and my television ship stalking, which is really cool. She's really nice about all that stuff.

Elliot ThompsonEdit

He and my mom got married the day before I was born. He isn't my biological dad, but I still love him. He's actually a real father figure, and that's really cool. He's really nice. He's a chef, which is really cool. He makes the best food ever.


I was born and raised here in LA, CA. I was homeschooled practically my whole life by my mom. If I was in a real school, I think I'd be a sophomore. I've been taking dance lessons since I was 6, and I think I'm pretty good. I'm actually going to a real school for the first time since preschool. That should be an interesting experience.

But then I moved and came back because I missed everyone.


I'm nice. I'm kind of socially awkward and weird, but funny if you get to know me or I feel comfortable with you. At least I think I am. My cousins always laugh when I make a joke. Oh, I like making dirty jokes. But I never get the chance to, so it's kind of sad. I'm also kind of perky, but not like cheerleader perky, so eh.


Favorite WeirdoEdit

Chloe's kind of my best friend. She's one of my only friends, but we're pretty close. We both look like SNSD members which is so freaking awesome I can't. I love talking to her.

Least Favorite Weirdo EverEdit



  • I really like the color yellow.
  • Ailee is perfect btw just saying.
  • When I'm sick, I enjoy watching really bad Disney channel shows.
  • I'm Korean from my mom's side, and Thai, English, and German from my dad's.


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