Welcome to Pacific High! Here, we teach you your basic subjects, such as math, language arts, history, and science. You can also learn a foreign language if you want to, and have good enough grades. The foreign languages are French, Spanish, and Italian. We also  provide extended math and language arts classes for students with a higher intellect. We teach grades 9 - 12.







Class of 2013Edit



  • 9th Grade Mathematics
  • 9th Grade Extended Mathematics
  • 10th Grade Mathematics
  • 10th Grade Extended Mathematics
  • 11th Grade Mathematics
  • 11th Grade Extended Mathematics
  • 12th Grade Mathematics
  • 12th Grade Extended Mathematics
  • 9th Grade Language Arts
  • 9th Grade Extended Language Arts
  • 10th Grade Language Arts
  • 10th Grade Extended Language Arts
  • 11th Grade Language Arts
  • 11th Grade Extended Language Arts
  • 12th Grade Language Arts
  • 12th Grade Extended Language Arts
  • 9th Grade History
  • 10th Grade History
  • 11th Grade History
  • 12th Grade History
  • 9th Grade Science
  • 10th Grade Science
  • 11th Grade Science
  • 12th Grade Science
  • French 1A
  • French 1B
  • Spanish 1A
  • Spanish 1B
  • Italian 1A
  • Italian 1B
  • Technology Education
  • Economics Class
  • Business Class
  • Art


  • No chewing gum.
  • No back-talking to teachers.
  • If you're tardy 4 times, you get detention.

What happens if you violate the rules?Edit

  • You get a minor report if you violate something once or twice.
  • You get a referral if you violate something a third time. Once if something is really serious.
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