Nemo Sinclair
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Nemo Claire Sinclair
General Information
Gender: I'm a girl duhh.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown with red tips.
Eye Color: Brown, Green. I use contacts.
Birthday: July 7
Height: 5'5
Weight: I don't weigh myself.
Address: Metropolis. :D
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Moe (Ne-Moe), Claire
Family & Friends
Family: Tiana Sinclair (mom)
Adam Sinclair (dad)
Leonardo Sinclair (brother)
Katherine Sinclair (sister)
Friends: I have a lot of those.
Relationships: Can I put the Forever Alone meme here? No? Aww. :(
Enemies: I have a lot of those too.
Other Information
Interests: Music, Books, Peoples and food. Me likey some food. :D
Education: Pacifico Oceano
Talent: Acting
Weaknesses: Ahaha.
Series Information
First appearance: The day I was born.
Last appearance: Oh no, you didn't.
Portrayer: I'M GONNA POP SOME TAGS Oh and credits to Nia for the infobox.

cracked euphoria – Child of Mr and Mrs Sinclair
– If God's the game that you're playing. Well, we must get more acquainted. Because it has to be so lonely, to be the only one who's holy.

 – If life was a game you would never play nice. If love was a beam, you'd be blind in both eyes. Put your sunglasses on, 'cause you're the deer in the headlights

Heyy, I'm Nemo. Yes, my name is Nemo but call me Claire.


  • Hair Color: Brown with red tips.
  • Eye Color: Brown, Green, etc. I wear contacts, okay?
  • Trademark: The red tips of my hair.

I look normal, with my brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. But I guess i'ts my clothing that stands out. I wear preppy, sporty, vintage, gothic and etc. So you've probably guessed by now that I'm one of those girls, who actually likes shopping, and I do. I think it's fun since it's the only time I can actually interact with my mom. But I kinda find it pointless now because I don't even go outside that much anymore.


Tiana SinclairEdit

My mom is one of those mom's who acts like they're the same age as her kids. She also uses the words swag, yolo and yo a lot. She's kind of successful though, she's an amazeballs fashion designer, she usually creates wedding dresses but most of her clients hates her because she's always like "oh my god, that looks so swag on you, you should totes buy that because if you don't it would a total waste and yolo!" She also wanted to name us after Disney princesses and princes, since she's a Tiana, like in The Princess and the Frog. She wanted to name Leon: Eric, then Katherine: Belle and me: Ariel. But thank God, Dad was opposed to the idea.

Adam SinclairEdit

My dad is epic, you cannot deny that. He's really funny and he used to be in some infamous band when he was younger, but now he's an actor and a producer. We're all really close to him and he's just the best, okay?

Leonardo SinclairEdit

Leon is in college and he's fucking weird, okay? I do not understand him at all and he should stop playing Halo all day and find a job.

Rebekah SinclairEdit

Bekah is a freshman in college this fall. She's really nice and really protective and I don't know, what I'd do without her. I also call her Belle sometimes, like what mom wanted to name her, just to annoy her.


This will probably be the most boring section in this whole page soo I'm not going to do this page. Besides my history won't even matter for you.


I have only one rule in life: never take a diet. Yeah, that rule is pretty pointless but whatever, anyways I'm a really talkative person which leads to people thinking I'm Gossip Girl or something. But no, even though I'm talkative, I'm not that social. Which is pretty odd for someone who's talkative, also I'm practically born with no balance whatsoever. I'm also pretty immature and sarcastic so y'know yeah.


  • Yes, my name is Nemo.
  • Lea Michele is my queen.
  • Blue and Scarlet are my favorite colors.
  • I like Fall.
  • The Cab, Owl City, Taylor Swift and Paramore are awesome.
  • My favorite book is Paper Towns by John Green.
  • Flipped is also my favorite movie, just saying.
  • I'd Lie is my life anthem.
  • My mom wanted to name me Ariel.
  • I have a cat named Mallory, even though he's a guy.
  • I like the computer game Alice: Madness Returns.
  • I like morbid games, for some awful reason.
  • The Crooked Man scares me.


Have fun stalking my face or whatever.

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