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Nellie DeAsia Evans
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green and brown
Birthday: October 20, 1996
Height: I don't measure myself.
Weight: -.-
Address: Last time I checked, I don't give my address out to strangers.
Occupation(s): Photographer, Student
Aliases: Little Nell, Nell, Ell, Ellie
Family & Friends
Family: Alex Evans (Mom), Alice Evans (Sister), Belle Evans (Niece)
Friends: Listy mabobber down there.
Relationships: I wish.
Enemies: What I said in friends.
Other Information
Interests: Horror movies, Photography.
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Photographer.
Weaknesses: You'll never know.
Series Information
First appearance: Birth
Last appearance: Death
Portrayer: Mila Kunis

I am reaching, but I fall, and the night is closing in.


  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Eye Color: Brown and green.
  • Trademark: Eyes.

Um, how to describe my appearance? I have really big eyes, which are two different colors, brown and green. I wear contacts sometimes so they could look the same. Right now, I wear long sleeves, because I got really bad cuts when... well... you know. And because... stuff.  Um, I don't really have a signature thing that I wear. Maybe black shirts are my thing? I dunno. So, yeah.


Alexandria Evans[]


Alice Evans[]

My older sis. She's 22. She has a daughter named Belle, yeah. After the princess. She's not like my mom, but she never talks to me, even when she lived with me, she was always out of the house or making out with her boyfriend. whoops that slipped.

Belle Evans[]

She's my niece. I just put her in my family section because she's my sister's daughter, and she's kinda cute. She's 5.


I was born in Ala- wait, why the fuck do you wanna know? My history is very long.. and weird.


I'm nice, I guess. I'm kinda sensitive, even though I act like I'm as tough as a brick, so if I'm mean to you, do not take it seriously. unless you're eve, then i really fucking hate you.

Other People[]

Chase Milligan[]

He's really nice, and we're both into photography. I also really like him. And, I'm not into that emoticon shit, so I'm not gonna put any hearts here.

Alex Underwood[]

I feel like I could tell him anything. We're both in the same situation, and he's just awesome. I try to help him as much as I can, and he tries to do the same for me.

Cameron Bennett[]

It's a really long story.

Evelyn Paul[]

She's... decent.


  • I have Heterochromia iridum.
  • I'm a BAMF. (Badass motherfucker)
  • I'm a conservative republican.
  • I love Horror movies. A lot.
  • My favorite type of words are curse words.
  • Freddy Krueger is my favorite horror movie icon.