Najika Lee
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Najika Lee
General Information
Gender: I'm pretty sure I'm a girl.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black, Brown or like a caramel brown. I want some caramel candy...
Eye Color: Brown,dark brown
Birthday: April 25,1997
Height: I honestly don't know.
Weight: Why...?
Address: A house with Brenda
Occupation(s): Singer,actress,and cooker.
Aliases: Najika chan,Kaia, Nina, and Jumpy.
Family & Friends
Family: Joey Lee,Kayla Lee,and Brenda Lee.
Friends: Species.
Relationships: Food! =D
Pet(s): None
Enemies: Jenny Chong
Other Information
Interests: Cooking and making people smile with or without food.
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Cooking/Baking
Weaknesses: Sad things.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: I got a boy ;D


  • Hair Color: Dark brown or caramel brown.
  • Eye Color: Brown, dark brown.
  • Trademark: My sense of taste, don't ask about it.

I used to put my hair in pigtails when I was younger, but I don't do it that much anymore. I still do, every once in a while. I wear like casual clothes and stuff. I'm like really girly, so prepare to get girly-fied. Haha


My parentsEdit

My parents are Fujita Lee and Kim Lee. My dad(Fujita) was a famous chef in Japan. Every now and then he would make cream puffs shaped like a banana filled with banana cream. Ah, good memories. My mom(Kim) was also a famous chef in Japan. She would always make different desserts like strawberry shortcake or flan. Man, I miss them so much.

Joey, Kayla, and Brenda Lee.Edit

Joey Lee is my uncle, Kayla Lee is my aunt, and Brenda Lee is my cousin/best friend. Uncle Joey is my dad's brother. He is an author and stuff. His books are really popular so, that's good. Aunt Kayla is a famous actress. She always helps Brenda and me with auditions. Perhaps, you heard of her? Brenda is my cousin and BEST FRIEND<3!! Ever since I moved to California she's been helping me with my English... kinda. I love her so much <3


I was born on April 25,1997 to Kang-Dae Lee and Naori Lee in Tokyo, Japan. When my parents were on their way to a cooking competition, they got in a car accident, and well died. They died the before my bday. I was 6 that time. So I was sent to an orphanage in Hokkaido.

I went to a school in Tokyo called Seika Academy. When I was about 14, Brenda's parents adopted me and brought me to California. I went to HA and now go to Pacific High.


I'm always happy, cheerful, or energetic, but most of the time I'M ALL OF THEM. Lol, I always look on the bright of things, I don't know why. I guess I was born this way.Haha get it? From the song Born This Way by Lady Gaga? Yeah, I know corny joke ^.^

I'm always hyper and jumpy, for some reason can get on people's nerves. I always make people smile with or without food for some reason. Some people think I'm... well, not that smart.I don't know, it's just that I don't get all things. Also, at times I can be sometimes clusmy. I can also be sensitive, so be careful what you say or do around me. I'm ALWAYS hungry xD. Like, I can never stop eating. So I always carry food with me or money just in case I can't bring food where I am.


  • I can make like over 50 kinds of food.
  • I can eat all day.
  • I always carry food around me.
  • I need to stop talking about food. xD
  • I love 2ne1, SNSD, BIGBANG, The Wonder Girls, and Shinee.
  • Sandara Park is one of my favorite singers. A lot of people say I look like her.
  • I've been to Korea like when I was 5 1/2.
  • I'm an otaku.
  • I can speak Japanese and Korean fluently.
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