Minji Yee Un Geum
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: It changes.
Eye Color: Why does it matter?
Birthday: April 27th, 1998
Height: -.-
Weight: -.- -.-
Address: -.- -.- -.-
Occupation(s): Singing, Playwright
Aliases: Minzy, Mini, Yenny
Family & Friends
Family: Sunye, Parents
Friends: It's complicated
Relationships: It's complicated
Enemies: It's complicated
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Wonder Girls, Cupcakes, Nutella, Scriptwriting
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Singing, Scriptwriting
Weaknesses: No.
Series Information
First appearance: Birth.
Last appearance: Death.
Portrayer: Yenny.

Hello, I am a name.


  • Hair Color: It changes.
  • Eye Color: Do you need to know?
  • Trademark: No. Just no.

Why do you care what I wear?


I have a twin sister, a mother and a father. Wait... this is a page about me, right? Not them. So don't ask anymore questions about them.


One word: No. Why do you want to know about my history? That's in the past, not present.


Meet me, and we'll see.


I have 3 friends. Sara, Elle, and Aaron. 


  • I am a self-proclaimed grammar nazi.
  • I like rainbows, they're really pretty.
  • No, I am not Yenny from WG. No, not any look-a-like at any school is a celebrity, so stop asking, and get a life.
  • I've written 6 plays. 2 of them have been performed in my old school. 0 of them have been performed at my new school. 4 of them haven't been performed at all.
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