Michelle Gomez
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black or Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: March 2th 1997
Height: 4'11" I Think...
Address: It's Personal
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Jasmine Gomez(Mom),Jack Gomez (brother)
Friends: None
Relationships: Single
Pet(s): None
Enemies: None
Other Information
Interests: Singing
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Singing and Rapping
Weaknesses: I don't wanna say...
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Since Birth
Last appearance: Until Death
Portrayer: Becky G.

Play It Again!! – Child of Jasmine Gomez
DJ, play my song on the radio Lift me up when I’m feeling low Drop the beat and play it again Play it again yeah DJ, spin it back If you feeling me The 808 track is all I need Drop the beat and play it again Play it again yeah

Hey,I'm Michelle.


  • Hair Colour:Black or Light Brown
  • Eye Colour:Brown
  • Trademark: Wearing ripped jeans, t-shirts and also wearing a lots of hats


Jasmine GomezEdit

The best mom I could ever have. I'm so glad to have her. I don't care what people think but my mom is my best friend. She means a lot to me and I know she will be with me until the end. Thank you mom for everything you do for me I'm so grateful for it.

Jack GomezEdit

Jack is my brother which is pretty annoying cause he is older then me but the likes to bother me a lot. Every time I tell him to stop he won't like really. But either way he is still my brother. Right?


Well as you know, I am Michelle Gomez. When I was 7, I was obsessed with music. I used to dance to it every time my mom used to put it on. Well, when I was very very little I never got to meet my dad. It kinda got me depressed because my mom never got to tell me who he was and whenever I will meet him. She was acting weird when I asked her. Throughout those years I was trying to forget all that and focus on music, which I love. I started to like music when I first heard this song my mom put it on and I was jamming to it.



Well people say I have a great personality and attitude. I feel confident about things. I will only feel this way because I have good people who I know will be there for me.

My Friends :) Edit

Annabelle MartinEdit

Bella is a awesome friend because I met her at a reunion with my mom and she was so kind that she wanted to spend the day getting to know each other.


  • I love to wear hats
  • I'm Mexican.
  • I love to rap and sing.
  • I don't like to tell people my personal stuff (unless I trust them)
  • They say I look the same as Becky G

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