Mabel Montgomery
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Mabel Gracie Montgomery
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General Information
Gender: Oh yeah, I'm totally a boy.
Age: 15
Hair Color: It varies from Brown and Blonde
Eye Color: Brown.
Birthday: March 9 1997
Height: 5'4
Weight: I'm not sure..
Address: Home is where the pizza is
Occupation(s): Student, Works at Pet Shop, Tutor
Aliases: Maple, May Bell
Family & Friends
Family: Nana and little sister
Friends: I have some.
Relationships: 99% sure my soulmate is a piece of pizza
Enemies: I have some as well.
Other Information
Interests: Performing Arts, Anything art related really, books
Education: LASA
Talent: Drawing, Singing, Dancing, Guitarist, Violinist, Pianist, Gymnastics
Weaknesses: Its none of your business.
Series Information
Portrayer: Lizzy and credits to Reffy.

my starbucks cup says Beyoncé lol. Kidding. I'm pretty sure the barista would put "creepy weirdo", it always happens sigh.


  • Hair Color: Blonde or Brown. I'm pretty spontaneous with my hair, I once had it dyed orange-y brown and reddish brown. It was an epic fail obviously. Brown or Blonde suit me best.
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Hairr, also the fact that I usually act masungit. I can't help it but it just happens, ya know?

I basically have three hair styles: straight, wavy, homeless. That's why its usually up either in a bun, pigtails or two braids. As I said too, I'm really spontaneous with my hair.

I'm really spontaneous about my clothes too, like one day I'll be wearing sporty clothes and the next I'll be really girly. I guess I'm not the kind of person who just sticks to one thing or style or whatever because its so boring.


Marjorie MontgomeryEdit

I don't know where I'd be without her. She's my Nana and she's really cool, sure she can get really annoying because she tries to tell you what to do and she's really superstitious and it gets really stupid but I still love her anyways.

Sadie MontgomeryEdit

Sadie is my younger sister. She's in 5th Grade and she's really girly and she doesn't know that there is such thing as privacy. She just barges into my rooms and take my stuff and doesn't ask, I just want to... eugh. She's also really spoiled and bratty.


I don't want to talk about it.


I spend 800% of my life exaggerating. I also act really masungit and I had this one Filipino teacher and she says that I need to stop acting like a Maldita and I should stop being masungit too. I can't help it, it just happens naturally. There are also times where I act really cutesy and aegyo to get what I want but I stopped because its so weird and I just don't find it appropriate.


My cat Mushu is my friend. Does he count?


  • I used to spell my last name wrong when I was younger.
  • Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey; ultimate girl crushes <33
  • I'm bi-curious.
  • Am I the only one who tries to learn lyrics to rap songs so I can surprise people during car rides?
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