Lauren Christina Knight
General Information
Gender: Femaleee.
Age: 21
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue. It's kind of like a blueish green.
Birthday: April 22, 1992
Height: I'm shorter than Lexi.
Weight: I'm lighter than Lexi.
Address: I have my own apartment.
Occupation(s): Student at Harrington College
Aliases: Lori, Laur
Family & Friends
Family: My parents, my many siblings
Friends: My siblings
Relationships: Well, I had a boyfriend once but we broke up.
Pet(s): A cat named Queen.
Enemies: Well my siblings kind of suck
Other Information
Interests: TV, Volunteering, Getting good grades, being the best
Education: I'm in my final year at Harrington College
Talent: Kelsey's the talented one in the family.
Weaknesses: ...
Series Information
First appearance: Before most of my siblings.
Last appearance: Probably before most of my siblings
Portrayer: rose mciver

just in case – Child of my parents.
In case, you don't find what you're looking for. In case, you're missing what you had before.

 In case, you change your mind, I'll be waiting here. In case, you just want to come home.

Hi, I'm Lauren.


  • Hair Color: Blonde.
  • Eye Color: Blue. In some lights, it looks green.
  • Trademark: I don't really have one.

I'm kind of pretty, but more of plain. Growing up, I wasn't really the pretty one in my family. In my opinion, Lexi or Tara were the pretty ones but I didn't really care because I got the title of the smart one. Anyways, I always dress somewhat casually. I'm always wearing jeans or something. When I need to dress up, I'll wear a dress and tights, but that's basically it. I really like white, blue, black, and green, so my closet is basically those colors.



I will never understand why they wouldn't use protection. Other than that, they're nice and supportive-ish.


I have a lot of siblings. My favorites are Kelsey, Paul, and Ana. The others are nice too but these three haven't changed for years. The rest of my list does.


I was born into the Knight family in Los Angeles, California a cool April day in 1992. I had many siblings. As I grew up, I got even more siblings.

And now I'm in college and nothing's really changed except for how I look.


I'm kind of a nice person, not the nicest in my family though. That's either Lexi or Ana. I'm not exactly mean either. But yeah moving on. I'm a perfectionist and really competitive. Growing up, I liked to play jokes on my siblings, but I'm not really a prankster. People always compared me to my siblings so that's how I became really competitive and wanting to be the best at everything. I'm also smart.


Moving on since I don't have a lot of friends.


  • My favorite color is either dark green or dark blue.
  • I like watching Law and Order: SVU, but I can't stand the Law and Order.
  • I'm in my final year in college.
  • I can't stand Pitch Perfect.
  • I'm a double major in criminal justice and nursing.
  • I hope to become a nurse or a detective.
  • My parents should just use protection.
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