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OOC: Kina, I've had you over a year. Your FC is flawless. You had a lot going on, and you were deep. You had friends, enemies, and a love. It's time to let you go.But you never know. I might bring you back if a miracle happens.


The queen has been overthrown – Child of Layla Tare and Logan Tare
I had a way then losing it all on my own. I had a heart then, but the queen has been overthrown. And I'm not sleeping now, the dark is too hard to beat, And I'm not keeping now the strength I need to push me.

 You show the lights that stop me turn to stone. You shine it when I'm alone, and so I tell myself that I'll be strong and dreaming when they're gone.

Hi. Kina. Bye.
Karina Hope Tare
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Blue.
Birthday: January 4, 1995
Height: Tall.
Weight: Slim.
Address: Hmmmmm.
Occupation(s): Student, performer, athlete, musician
Aliases: Kina, Kiki
Family & Friends
Family: Why would you want to know?
Friends: Some.
Relationships: Timothy Harth (ex)
Pet(s): A dog named Ruby at home
Enemies: Many
Other Information
Interests: Music, sports, art, self defense
Talent: Violin, guitar, piano, singing, acting, dancing
MySocial: Kina Tare/MySocial
Weaknesses: Lol.
Series Information
First appearance: My birth.
Last appearance: My death.
Portrayer: xoxoxo


  • Hair Colour:Brown
  • Eye Colour:Blue/grey
  • Trademark:Eyes

I wear heavy makeup on my eyes sometimes and I like to wear leather. I'm not much for skirts or that other junk.
I dress casually and occasionally formal. I wear my leather jacket a lot.


Logan Tare (dad)Edit

He is my dad who taught me guitar and teaches me self defense. He's a famous director and has directed so many films. If anyone tries to do something to me, they'll face me or him.

Layla Tare (mom)Edit

She encouraged me to try out for HA and without her, I wouldn't have even known about that school. She is the best mom anyone can ever have.

Hannah Tare (older sister)Edit

She is great. She helps me with self defense and is an actress. The only bad thing is I'm always in her shadow because she's famous and loved by everyone. She's great overall.

Clarisse Tare (younger sister)Edit

My little sister. She's... weird.


I'm not gonna go into much detail. I was born, I went to Hollywood Arts, graduated early, and I now go to CAAC.


It depends who I'm talking to. If you try to upset me, I won't care, usually. Mostly, I'm carefree, honest, and opinionated.

Other PeopleEdit


I trusted him and he lied to me.




  • My favorite color is lilac
  • I have dyed my hair blonde before
  • I hate the movie Avatar, you know, both ones
  • I have a major in scripted acting and a minor in hip hop dancing
  • When I become an actress, I want to do my own stunts like Angelina Jolie
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