Kelsey Olivia Knight
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Red. Or Ginger. Whatever you want to call it.
Eye Color: Baby Blue Eyes<3
Birthday: January 20, 1998
Height: I don't know.
Weight: ^
Address: Lawl.
Occupation(s): Singing, Acting
Aliases: Kels
Family & Friends
Family: Very large.
Friends: blah
Relationships: Had a boyfriend in 8th Grade. We broke up.
Enemies: blah
Other Information
Interests: Soda, singing, broadway, WICKED, West Side Story, Movies, etc.
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Singing, Acting
Weaknesses: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Series Information
First appearance: Birth.
Last appearance: Death.



  • Hair Color: Red. Or ginger. Whatever you want to call it.
  • Eye Color: Baby Blue
  • Trademark: Eyes

I think I'm pretty pretty. My eyes are perf. No, I'm not self conceited, I just think I'm pretty. I dyed my hair ginger, and once brown, but I think blonde is perf for me, but I re-dyed it for my 16th birthday, so it's ginger now. I also wear the best clothes ever. Spoiled ftw. <33 I love being the youngest child.


Parents Edit

Eh, they're okay. They have a lot of children, though. I'm the youngest out of like, 15. Being the youngest is an advantage, though. I'm spoiled! :D

Siblings Edit

Eh, I have lots of them, they're all older then me so I don't know much about them. I only live with 3 at the moment. 3 girls (Jess, Ana and I) and 1 boy (Hugh ). ^.^ The other 11 that don't live with us now aree Tara, Heather, Lexi, Patrick, Arielle, Chelsie, Paul, Chris, Karl, Guinevere, and Lauren.


I'll write it in a book called 'Kelsey Knight, My fucking story that you will be fucking happy to read but it wont publish because i say fucking too much in this title.'


I guess I could be a perv sometimes. I'm nice. I stand up for my friends. I stand up for my friend's friends. I could be shy sometimes. I could be weird. So like, I guess I'm a mix of a lot of personalities.


Later I'm lazy.


  • My king is Barry Oscar Jacob, and my queen is Amber Murphy. <3
  • I'm bi.
  • Skittles are my favorite candy.
  • Twix are my favorite kind of chocolate.
  • I can speak french.
  • I say 'fuck' a lot. It's probably my favorite word.
  • CHANNING TATUM IS MINE THERE I CALLED IT. yeah jenna dewan take that
  • I'm probably the only person in the planet who hates Pitch Perfect.
  • I lost my virginity to someone gay.
  • Marina Diamandis. ♥


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