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Katherine Aguilar
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Brown (I'm guessing)
Birthday: December 18,1993
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Can't tell.
Address: Umm...
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Katie
Family & Friends
Family: Emily Aguilar (mom), Jasmine Aguilar (sister), Jake Aguilar (dad), Drew Aguilar (brother)
Friends: None yet
Relationships: Single
Enemies: Don't have any
Other Information
Interests: Singing :)
Education: California Arts College
Talent: Singing
Weaknesses: Only I need to know
Role-playing Information
First appearance: My birth
Last appearance: My death (when I get old)
Portrayer: Bridgit Mendler


Katiee – Child of Emily and Jake Aguilar
Music is mah life :) and Always will be

 God can judge us forget the haters cause somebody loves yah

I'm Katie and nice to meet you, guys!


  • Hair Colour: Dirty blonde
  • Eye Colour: Brown

Wear normal clothes like any other person would :) I love to keep my hair down.


Emily Aguilar[]

Well my mom and I love to do a lot of things together. We love to hang out and go shopping at the mall. I usually help her choose which is best on her. Sometimes when there is nothing to do at home we just watch a very funny movie and sometimes we laugh our butts off. I'm just grateful to have her.

Jasmine Aguilar[]

She is the best sister ever because she actually doesn't get me in trouble like my brother does. She is a calm person but at times she gets a little too crazy. She is a little sister to me. Basically she means the word to me.

Jake Aguilar[]

My dad is almost always busy with his job that he really never has time for any of us in the family. He works at this place where they build houses and other things. But the great thing is that he gets so much money there. My dad is a great father but sometimes her has a side where you never like to see.

Drew Aguilar[]

The funniest person in the family and also the meanest. So if he sees you touch any of his things he will tell my mom and get me in trouble. He is 10 and a little brat who gets me always in trouble. He is mostly the person I love least in the family. But sometimes when we are having a family meeting and makes us crack up and make us turn red as a tomato.