Jocelyn Miers
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I hold on to my pillow tight, and think of how you promised me forever – Child of Mami and Papi
– Never felt like this before, are we friends or are we more? As I'm walking towards the door, I'm not sure. But baby if you say you want me to stay, I’ll change my mind.'Cause I don’t wanna know I’m walking away if you’ll be mine

 – If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door.'Cause it would take a whole lotta medication, to realize what we used to have, we don't have it anymore. There's not religion that can save me, no matter how long my knees are on the floor.

Jocelyn Miers
General Information
Gender: Girf :D
Age: 16
Hair Color: MAY VARY
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: June 4th
Height: I dunno
Weight: ?
Address: That's a bit nosy
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Joss, Jossie
Family & Friends
Family: Reg, Tena, Jess, Aria and the folks
Friends: I'm a loner so...
Relationships: lol no
Pet(s): Do you mean... my family?
Enemies: It's just me against the world
Other Information
Interests: I like to write short stories and eat a lot of cookies
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Talentless
Weaknesses: Shipping human people... not fictional characters, but humans. Creepy much?
Series Information
First appearance: My mother's stomach
Last appearance: I'm not sure when I'm gonna die
Portrayer: Jade Thirwall and credits to Nia for the infobox

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