Jessica Knight
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Jessica Catherine Knight
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: August 15, 1996
Height: 5'7
Address: Nooooooo.
Occupation(s): Student, Actress, Singer
Aliases: Jess, Jesseh, The other Knight Twin, Sica
Family & Friends
Family: Mum, Daddy, Hugh, Tara, Lauren, Kelsey, Anabella, other siblings.
Friends: Brad.
Relationships: lol
Enemies: i have fights with myself
Other Information
Interests: Performing arts, art, photography, picture books, brana, food
Education: Pacific ^^
Talent: Acting, Singing
Weaknesses: OMG WHY?
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Obviously when I was born.
Last appearance: Immortal being over here.
Portrayer: the other knight twinny

paper heart ♥ – Child of Martians
– Cause I've been shot down, everybody turn around to the sound of my breaking heart.

 – Just burn, everybody take a turn light a match under my paper heart.

sorry for party rocking.. cough, I mean hi. :D

Hello. I'm Jessica but almost nobody calls me that except when my parents are angry, so call me Jess. :D I'm basically a triple threat, unless of course you count martial arts, then quadruple threat.


  • Hair Colour: Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: I don't really have a trademark.

I've been pretty much a tomboy half my life. But I recently began being girly, slightly girly. Before, I refused to wear skirts or dresses and I usually hung out with guys. But now, though I still hang out with some guys I do wear skirts and dresses, but I rarely do because I feel uncomfortable.


Nina KnightEdit

Nina's my mom. She's nice, I guess. But omfg, she has waaay too many kids.

Jake KnightEdit

Jake is my daddy, he's my favorite parent but omfg he has too many children how does he cope with this fact omg.


I have a lot of siblings, but I only currently live with four. Kels, who is.. really interesting, Ana, mah twinny and bestie and Hugh, older brother, of which needs a girlfriend I also think he's gay but shhh that's between you and me. Crystal, the drama queen. Tara recently moved out because college and chiz, she visits sometimes though. Lau is nice too. My other siblings are idk, ask Kels she has like, a list.


I'm very outgoing, I'm not really shy tbh. I'm also pretty talkative. I am also slightly perverted, so don't talk about erotic stuff to me or I'll blurt out random stuff.

Other PeopleEdit

Brandon MoonEdit

Me and Bradster go way back when I was still in HA. He was my bestest guy friend, and he was also Ana's first boyfriend and possibly still boyfriend. He was really cool, he taught me how to play the guitar and taught me how to play Taylor Swift's I'd Lie on the piano. He was seriously awesome, sadly he stayed near HA still with his friends Aaron and Elaine.

Simon JesseyEdit

Simon is a guy I met at school. He's pretty chill and awesome, we spend some lunchtimes together and he's awesome mmkay.

Random FactsEdit

  • I have asthma.
  • I love instagram.
  • I also love Tumblr.
  • I love every social network site I have.
  • I hate it when I have to listen to speeches. They usually end up being boring anyways.
  • I suck at math.


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