Jenny Chong
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Jenny Chong
General Information
Gender: Gurrl
Age: 16
Hair Color: Black/Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: Feb 15, 1997.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 142 lb.
Address: You're welcome xp.
Occupation(s): Dancer, actress, singer, and photographer.
Aliases: Jen and Jennie
Family & Friends
Family: Ryan Chong, Yuri Chong, and Kaoru Chong.
Friends: Idk anymore.
Relationships: ...
Enemies: Half my friends are now.
Other Information
Interests: Writing, reading, SF 49ers, SF Giants, and SF Warriors.
Education: LASA
Talent: Dancing, singing, and acting.
Weaknesses: Being too shy, heights and my diabetes.
Series Information
First appearance: Idk
Last appearance: Idk
Portrayer: Puggie :3

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  • Hair Colour: Light Brown/Blackish Brown/Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Trademark: I look like Jessica Jung ^u^

I'm pretty girly. I wear usually wear jeans and blouses or shirts. I wear skirts and dresses every now and then. I always dye my hair. I should stop, but I can't. ;) I wear glasses, but I wear them at home. I usually just wear contacts.


Ryan ChongEdit

He works for a big company in Seoul, South Korea. I miss him a lot. Every summer my sister and I visit him. I used to live with him, but he couldn't afford to take care of us. So me and my sister had to move to San Francisco.

Yuri ChongEdit

She works in a office somewhereidontknow. She's nice and yeah. She gives me and my sister a lot of freedom.

Kaoru ChongEdit

My little sister. She's nice, but she can be annoying as hell, man. -.- She's like a year younger then me. I just realized I have an American name and she has a Korean name. O.o She's really careless and a troublemaker. She's funny, though. She's kinda of a perv. But, I love her.


I was born in Seoul, South Korea. Then when I was 10 I moved to San Francisco. After my parents divorced I moved back to Seoul with my dad when I was 12. But I moved back to San Francisco cause he couldn't afford to live with me. So when I was 15 I moved to Los Angelos. Then I auditioned for HA.


I'm quiet around strangers, talkative around my friends, and crazy around my best friends.

I'm kinda of a party person, but I kinda don't like them because the last time I went to a party, something bad happened.

Whenever I need to do something, I always do it right anyway. I can also be superstitious.

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