Hye-Seung Park
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Hye-Seung Aceline Haru Park
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General Information
Gender: Omg, I think I'm a girl!
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brownish-blackish? .-.
Birthday: Omg October 31st
Height: 5'7" >.>
Weight: 105lbs. ._.
Address: ._. One word: No. Just no.
Occupation(s): Student and Music store helper?
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown Parents

Park Sung-Gyu - Older Brother

Friends: None ;-; all of them are in Brazil
Relationships: Siiiiiiiingle!
Pet(s): Puga-chan! (my pug)
Enemies: None :P
Other Information
Interests: Cooking
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Piano, violin, singing, dancing, acting, guitar playing, song-writing and many more.
Weaknesses: Candy >.>
Heights ._.
Series Information
First appearance: WIP, cuz I'm lazy
Last appearance: WIP, cuz I'm lazy
Portrayer: Park Ji-Yeon

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successful recovery – Child of a broken heart
"Learned it don’t pay to lie. Cause I don’t wanna see you cry. Saying nothing gets you nowhere fast. I'm a hold it back inside. But now that I'm back around ya. Nothing else really matters. Hope you feel the same."

 "First, I’ll acknowledge. All trust has been broken. A successful recovery. I pray for us at night. Grants me with a second chance. Never thought I’d see your face again. Learning life through trial and error. Just tryna make it right."

Saranghae~ Wtf am I doing?


  • Hair Color:Brown
  • Eye Color: Brownish-Blackish?
  • Trademark: idk .-.

I dress casual, I love wearing Vans and Converse. Oh yeah I like t-shirts that have words on them and black ripped jeans. Those are my favorites ^^.


  • Parents: idk, I don't know 'em. Me and my brother were just dumped somewhere together...
  • Park Sung-Gyu: OMG I LOVE YOU OPPA! Your the best brother EVAH! <3


Sweet, bubbly and loveable. I'm a real sweetheart but can be a diva when people annoy me. I love my older brother and am very close to him.  I enjoy sports and eating candy >.> I love cooking and am very talented. I love long jumping and I'm quite a fast runner, although my long distance is average cause I suck at it. But hey, nobody's perfect. But people say I get high a lot and it's weird. /frowns/


I was found outside a house with my brother and took into an orphanage, soon I was adopted by a couple and we moved to America. I was bullied in middle school and was always laughed at, soon I got accepted to an AMAZING school (LASA ^^) and yeah here I am now :)


Ah, I'm working on it now '^^" Trying to be more social.


  • I love cooking
  • I love tumblr and let's not forget instagram
  • My favorite TV show would be... omg ADVENTURE TIME! Don't judge me -.-
  • I love my pug! Her name is Puga-chaaaaaaaaaan! :3
  • I am Korean
  • I can speak Italian and Brazillian and Japanese fluently

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