Harriet Bellini
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Harriet Gloria Bellini
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General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 17.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Grey.
Birthday: March 9th, 1996.
Height: 5'6.
Weight: Dunno.
Address: Unnecessary
Occupation(s): Student.
Aliases: Harriet... just Harriet.
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. and Mrs. Bellini, and three sisters. They're all annoying and overprotective.
Friends: I have some.
Relationships: Single. Not particularly interested in mingling.
Pet(s): None.
Enemies: None.
Other Information
Interests: Well, I like animals.
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: I can play the piano like a boss.
Weaknesses: Nothing really, I tend to be amazing at everything.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Alexz Johnson. The infobox is Sunny's.
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