Erin Costello
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Erin Sakura Alexandria Costello
General Information
Gender: Omg, I'm a gurl
Age: Sweet 16 c:
Hair Color: Brown, although I dye it with streaks sometimes.
Eye Color: Brown! :D
Birthday: Um Halloween :D
Height: Lol, idk.
Weight: ^
Address: Sorry, oka-san not to talk to strangers.
Occupation(s): I'm a studenttttttttt and a performer.
Aliases: Eri, E, Sakura, Alexandria, Alexa, Ria
Family & Friends
Family: Mr and Mrs Costello, Cherry Costello, Jace Costello and Aaron Costello.
Friends: There all in Paris D:
Relationships: I broke someone's heart, I'm single
Pet(s): My cat.
Enemies: My ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend :D She's so sweet!
Other Information
Interests: I'm really interested in dance and I love food.
Education: Ocean Coast Academy
Talent: Ballet, singing, dancing, performing arts/acting, art and playing the piano.
Weaknesses: Lol, what weakness?
Series Information
First appearance:  :D
Last appearance: D:
Portrayer: 2cool4u


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: idk

I usually dress casual, I hate dresses. I like skirts, jeans and shirts. I like boots. I like high heels. I love beanies. I will be under the mistletoe.


  • Parents: Meh, their okay.
  • Cherry Costello: Cherry need to calm the hell down before she kills someone.
  • Aaron Costello: He's quiet and introvert. He hates me since I didn't buy him a candy cane.
  • Jace Costello: Are you seriously gonna let me talk about this bitch?







I used to be in a relationship with Justin Choi, but I broke up with him. I'm his heartbreaker.


  • I love tumblr
  • I love pepero and pocky
  • I love my phone
  • I think Jace is bisexual, maybe not but idk
  • I am a Japanese, Latina and French decendant
  • My parents think I'm anorexic
  • One of my friends are lesbian, shhhh.
  • I am not f*cking Kwon Yuri
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