Emery Ardiente
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Emery Jhennel Dasom Ardiente
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 13, 1996
Height: I'm pretty tall.
Weight: I'm skinny.
Address: Stlaker
Occupation(s): Student, Artist
Aliases: Em, Mery
Family & Friends
Family: Patrick Ardiente (older brother)
Friends: Some.
Relationships: E V O L, love is evil
Pet(s): We used to have a cat.
Enemies: Some.
Other Information
Interests: Performing arts, literature, music
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Piano prodigy, singer, actress, gymnastics
Weaknesses: Nope.
Series Information
Portrayer: Sora <3 and credits to Corey :)

Heeey. I'm Emery the berry, lol that failed I'm so sorry. I swear being funny is so fucking hard, how does Mr. Bean do it?


  • Hair Color: Brown. It's a really light brown, but sometimes it looks really dark.
  • Eye Color: Brown.
  • Trademark: My eyes, I think. I dunno, they're really big.

I don't really like to call myself a "fashionista" or "kikay" or whatever. I just really find it fun to dress up, I don't have a specific style. Sometimes I can dress really girly and really sporty the next. My hair is also always down, but it looks great either up or down so it's nothing to worry about. I'm also really pretty, no joke.


Patrick ArdienteEdit

Patrick's my older brother. He's twenty and he works at some weird electronic company, and he studies over at Harrington. He can be a pain in the ass and a huge know-it-all, but he's my brother and the only family I have left. I'm really thankful that I have him.


My parents are both gone.. dead actually. My mom cheated on my dad even before I was born. My dad died when I was fourteen, and my mom eloped with the guy. Our Nana took us in then just last year, there was news that my mom and the guy died because of drug overdose or something.


I was born in the Philippines, while my parents and brother were on a vacation, and here I am now.


I'm nice enough. I'm an overachiever. I'm pretty opinionated. Since there's only me and my brother left, I have to be really mature and hardworking. I consider myself independent. I'm really realistic too.


  • I'm actually half-Filipino, hence the Filipino last name.
  • Who the fuck is Park Sora?
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