Ella Armstrong
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Mariella Bridgette Armstrong
General Information
Gender: Duh.
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: Stalker.
Height: 5'9
Weight: really?
Address: No. Just no.
Occupation(s): Dancer, student
Aliases: Ella, El
Family & Friends
Family: I don't give a shit about them.
Friends: Few.
Relationships: Like that's happening.
Enemies: Many.
Other Information
Interests: Dancing
Education: NO.
Talent: Dancing
Weaknesses: I'm not weak.
Series Information
First appearance: birth.
Last appearance: death.
Portrayer: Selena Gomez. Credits for the infobox goes to Mizukiiii. ^.^

whatever. – Child of people I don't care about.
Almost, almost is never enough. So close to being in love. If I would have known that you wanted me.

 If I could change the world overnight, there'd be no such thing as goodbye. You'd be standing right where you were. And we'd get the chance we deserve.

Go away.


  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Eyes

I dress with class, and I put a lot of thought into my style. I'm not one of those people who take selfies all day, but I dress fashionably.


Susan Armstrong

My mother. She's a bitch.

Logan Armstrong

My dad's dead.

Andrew Armstrong

Don't get me started on my bitch of a brother.


Stalker much?


I don't like most people. All those people are bitches and you don't know it. Please do not talk to me.


Yeah, right.


  • I use profanity a lot.
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