Drew Charleston
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown/blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: June 20, 1993
Height: 5'9
Address: A dorm at California Arts College
Occupation(s): College student
Family & Friends
Family: Joey Charleston
Annabeth Charleston
Ricky Charleston
Friends: Many
Relationships: Single
Enemies: Who doesn't have enemies?
Other Information
Interests: Writing, Guys <3
Education: California Arts College
Talent: Writing
Weaknesses: Food
Role-playing Information
First appearance: May 4, 2013
Portrayer: ShorRoss44 and Garret Clayton

Drew C

Drew C – Child of Joey & Annabeth Charleston
– Are you ready? Ready freddy? Ready steady? Let's's up!

 – It's a summer in paradise, cruisin' with the boys and girls.

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." Shakespeare said that. Hi, I'm Drew.


Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Trademark: My facial hair

My hair is always gelled, my facial hair always well trimmed. I'm too specific with my looks. I always have to be neat.


Joey CharlestonEdit

This guy, ha, whatta ya gonna do? Joey is my dad. He's a very hard working and for years has possessed a well respected image.

Annabeth CharlestonEdit

Annabeth, my beautiful mama. She rocks.

Ken CharlestonEdit

Ken, my twin brother. Ken is, Ken. He has my face but we're so different, we don't even crap the same poop.


Honey, you want to know more about me? Well I don't think it's your concern. But if you want to know, get a pen a paper and take some notes.

I grew up in a rich environment. My dad is in business and my mother is a CEO of a beauty product company. Both were very successful. I've always been into the theatre. I acted in many plays as a child at the community theatre as well school plays.

My parents were always very busy so while they were kept busy, I kept myself intrigued. I wrote stories and was a very creative child. I even began writing music after I joined the church choir. And soon, I combined the two and wrote musicals.

Now I attend California Arts College and study playwriting.


I'm a smart guy. I love to write and express my feelings. I like to realize things about myself. I can be very flamboyant and dramatic but that's just me. Sweetie, it's not your concern.


To be added later.


  • I'm a Gemini.
  • I like guys. Yes, in that way.
  • Don't worry, I like girls too.


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