Doe McCarthy
Doe in the snow 2
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: April 17, 1996
Height: 5'4 or 5'5 I think
Weight: Um, why?
Address: LA
Occupation(s): Cashier at the Farmer's Market
Aliases: Doe, Dory
Family & Friends
Family: Casey McCarthy
Donald Palomo
Gwendolyn McCarthy
Friends: Not many :)
Relationships: Nope :)
Enemies: No :)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, writing, strings
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Singing, songwriting, violin
Weaknesses: I don't think I should tell you...
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Years ago, I don't know exactly
Last appearance: I still don't know, do you mean on Earth?
Doe is so pertty

Legally Blonde :D – Child of Casey McCarthy and Donald Palomo
– Back in the game, back to the trial, but I'm going back in my style. Girls it's a fact, when you're attacked, gotta respond! Hand me my dog, hand me my bag, and that American Flag! (Proud to be American!) Nobody screws, nobody who's, Legally Blonde!

 – Get on your feet 'cause she's Legally Blonde! Take to the street 'cause she's Legally Blonde! There's no retreat when you're Legally Blonde!


Hi, I'm Dorothy "Doe" McCarthy. You can just call me Doe. Everyone else does. So um, hi!


Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Trademark: I'm very casual. I like dressing casually with just a t-shirt and a ponytail.


Casey McCarthyEdit

I don't know much about my mother. She had me when she was 19 and died of a drug overdose when I was 3 months old.

Donald PalomoEdit

He's my dad. I still don't know him much. I don't want to either. After my mom died, he was given custody of me. But when I was 4, I was taken away from him after I couldn't stand living with his girlfriend anymore. Now I live with my grandmother. I thought he didn't want me and I didn't want him. I thought I knew how things were but now, we've been talking a bit more and our relationship is changing a little...

Gwendolyn McCarthyEdit

My Gran is the best I would never be where I am now without her. She's the one who takes care of me and raises me. I love you Gran!


Well um, I guess you can call me your average drug baby? My mom was pregnant with me when she was 19 and had me at that age. She was sober most of the time when she was pregnant. But after she had me she started drinking again and took drugs more and more. Then she died of a drug overdose when I was 3 months old.

My dad was given full custody of me. But he had a life of his own. He was in college at the time, he worked, and he already had a kid with his girlfriend, Natalie, who he was raising. So I became a part of their family. I don't remember much but I cried a lot and I thought it was awful. All I can imagine is that witch of a girlfriend hating me. A lot of the time I would live with my grandmother, my mom's mom, during the week and spend the weekend with my dad. When my dad graduated, he was home more and that's when I had to live with him full time. At first, I didn't want to leave Gran. I didn't want to live with daddy. But over time, we began to grow closer and closer and soon, we were inseparable! I loved him a lot. But the only problem was Natalie. And her daughter. I hated them and accused them of hating me too but I never was really sure. I had a sleeping disorder and I was always hyper. I just never felt accepted. And one day, I got so mad at them I dialled 911 and the police came to our house. It was only an accident. And that's when the family court decided it was probably best for me not to live with my dad. But never did he want to harm me. I'm not even sure Natalie and her daughter did. I made the mistake.

So I went to live with Gran again. I was 4. I was allowed to see dad once a month. That's when everything changed. The first two times were great. The third time he didn't show up, then the next he had to leave early. Then the next he had an "emergency". We grew apart, drifting out of each other's lives. I cried a lot. I cried almost every time he couldn't come. I missed daddy. Soon I began to get over him. I always thought bad thoughts about him. But my Gran took me to church often and that helped me get through it. A few years later, when I was 6, he began to call again. I never answered. Then he sent me a letter. He and Natalie were getting married and he wanted me to come to the wedding, maybe I could be apart of their family again. I didn't go. There's no way I would. Now I have no idea where dad is. I think he moved to Florida, but I don't know. I've lived in California my whole life. He called me every now and then and one time I actually did pick up but it was too awkward. Everything had changed, I was stronger and I no longer cared for my dad. So it only included a hi, how are you, awkward silence, a few more words, and ended after a minute.

But now, like today now, we actually do talk a little bit more. Some type of relationship is forming but I'm not sure...


Well I am nice? At least that's what my friends say! I can be a bit shy but once you get to know me, trust me I'm great! I am very sensitive. But I like to give second chances so don't worry. :) Singing is my passion. I want to be a violinist or guitarist when I get older but singing is fun too. I also have a sleeping disorder (thanks Mom), so if I ever look really tired, you know why.


Chloe ConradEdit

Chloe is so nice! She's one of my very good friends. She's super cool and chill. We both go to Pacific High!

Liv SinclairEdit

Liv is totally awesome! We went shopping once and it was sooo fun. xD We need to hang out more!

Simon JesseyEdit

Oh Simon. :P Simon is a really nice guy. We both go to Pacific High. He's incredibly smart, too!


  • I love to play piano and violin!
  • I wish I were Annabeth Chase sometimes :P
  • I have a sleeping disorder.
  • I won a spelling bee in fifth grade.
  • I have broken six bones in my whole life.


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