Deena Marin
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You're so London, your own style – Child of mommies
– You're so pretty when you cry, when you cry. Wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye now you're tearing me apart, tearing me apart. You're tearing me apart. You're so London, your own style, your own style. Get together, we're so good, so girl why are you tearing me apart, tearing me apart? You're tearing me apart. Did I do something stupid, well girl if I blew it, just tell what I did, let's work through it. There's gotta be someway to get you to want me, like before.

 – She's so mean but I gotta love it, and I just can't let her go. I'm so whipped, oh her tiny little, she's a tempting animal. Spends too much, and I never tell her no. Drives me nuts and she's got me by the throat. She's so mean but I gotta love it, and I just can't let her go. Breaks a billion hearts, I know I'm next in line, but I don't mind. I want her, everybody wants her. She knows it, eh eh eh. I want her but I better run away.

If I were a Disney Princess, my name would be Taco Belle.
Deena Marin
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: June 13th, 1996
Height: 5'3
Weight: Based on how much I eat, definitely not what it should be.
Address: A house
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Deen
Family & Friends
Family: Me and my mothers
Friends: Forever Alone ._.
Relationships: I'd really rather not talk about it...
Pet(s): Nooopee
Enemies: I'm such a loner, people don't even hate me
Other Information
Interests: Ehh I don't really do anything but sit around in my underwear on Tumblr
Education: Pacific High
Talent: I can burp my ABCs...
Weaknesses: Tumblr
Series Information
First appearance: When you see me
Last appearance: When you don't
Portrayer: A Tempting Animal and credits to Nia for the infobox


  • Eye Color:Brown
  • Hair Color:Brown
  • Trademark: lol no. There's nothing special about me.


Emily MarinEdit

Mommy #1. She's a tomboy,almost like a father figure. but she has a vagina She's funny and I love her so much and she's just awesome okay.

Anne MarinEdit

Mommy #2. She's like a normal mom. expect she likes vagina lolololol She bakes and signs stuff for school and gives me money and basically I love her a lot.


So I was born in Puerto Rico, but my awesomesauce mothers adopted me and I grew up in sweet home Cali. I am here now. Yay.


It depends on my comfort level around you. If I've known you for a while, I'm probably some escaped psychological patient to you. But if I haven't known you for a while, I'm probably pretty normal. But beware; I am not.
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