Hello, August moon, where are the stars of the night? – Child of the ghost of jealously
– And the weather man said, 'If you're not well, stay in bed', cause I've been feelin' blue and it's cloudy in my head. Instead of going out to some restaurant, I'll stay home instead.

 – I love you more than he, take you anywhere. Well, I love you endlessly, loving we will share. So come and go with me to one town. But we both cannot have her, so it's one or the other, and one day you'll discover, that she's my girl forever and ever.

'me sneak inside your house, me leave before dawn, your daughters will be pregnant and your cookies will be gone'
Darryl Davis
General Information
Gender: male
Age: 17
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: brown
Birthday: september 2th, 1996
Height: idk
Weight: i'm really skinny tho
Address: 'a place without no name'
Occupation(s): student
Aliases: just call me darryl
Family & Friends
Family: i have a twin named danny and a sister named diamond, parents, too.
Friends: diamond's my bestie :)))
Relationships: ain't got time for one, i'm a heartbreaker
Pet(s): naaah
Enemies: do you mean, haters?
Other Information
Interests: i like a lot of things, but at the same time i don't???
Education: Pacific High
Talent: talentless af
Weaknesses: pshhh
Series Information
First appearance: to steal yo gurl
Last appearance: to return her
Portrayer: i'm a girl but i can say bUT I CAN SAY THE WORD MONSTER, TOO


to answer everyone's questions, me nor my sister diamond were adopted. neither was danny. we are actually related to one another, we have the same mother and father. my mother is white, my father is black. my complexion, as well my my sister and brother's, are one the various results of how a biracial child turns out. people actually believe i'm mixed, but they start getting suspicious when they see my siblings. we are all blood siblings.



my dad's whatever, i don't really give a frick about him.


i love her, to me, she is perfection.


my identical twin, yes identical. i mean our skin tones throw everyone off but if you look real close you'll see the identical part. he's alright, i guess. we're actually really different. people assume since we spent 9 months in our mother's stomach together (i'm 7 minutes older than him btw lol) that we're really tight or something. we're close, just not super close.

bffl 5eva lol txt itEdit

ayyeee this be my #1 homegirl. she's like, everything i would be if i was a girl. she's really talented and funny and i lhsm and i'm really protective over her and GOD I LOVE MY LITTLE SISTER SO MUCH


well, that depends. everyday i create my history. every path i take, i'm leaving my legacy. maybe when i die you'll know all of my history??


i literally only talk to diamond i'm not joking

pics ayeeeEdit

this one's for the ladies ;)

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