Clara Casey
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Clara Annie Casey
General Information
Gender: Gurllllll
Age: 13
Hair Color: Black with browish tips
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: February 1st, 2001
Height: short
Weight: fat
Address: hahaha
Occupation(s): singer, actress, dancer, baker, eater, student
Aliases: Annie
Family & Friends
Family: i live with my mommy, daddy, and sistah.
Friends: le creys
Relationships: I wish haha
Pet(s): I have a cute little puppy. :D
Enemies:  :(
Other Information
Interests: Unicorns. Everyone loves unicorns.
Education: Anderson Middle School
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Acting, and Baking. I'm freaking awesome.
Weaknesses: *freddy krueger laugh*
Series Information
First appearance: birthday
Last appearance: funeral
Portrayer: i'm so ugly but using yourself as a fc is fun

if i cut my hair i would look like snow white


  • Hair Color: Black with brownish tips
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: My sense of humor. Totes.

Okay, so, my eyes are awkwardly uneven, I have short fingernails, my teeth are like, super weird, I'm superrr short, I'm fatish (but why blame me cookies are so gooddd) but, even doe with all with my many flaws, I am pretty. Kind of.


Caroline and Luke CaseyEdit

Dey are good parents, I guess. My mom doesn't really like Michelle though. :( And she can be annoying sometimes, but my dad is awesome.

Michelle CaseyEdit

Omg, she's like, my favorite sibling everrr. she's my only sister doe She stalks this ship called 'Ashily', and I'm learning too so yay. :D. :D Um, she's really nice, and I got my sense of humor from her. She's really funny, too. Oh, we also share birthdays. So, um, good job parents. *nods head*


im 12

what do you expect me to accomplish


im nice i guess... and more latur

 Other PeopleEdit



  • My birthday is National Baked Alaska day. :D
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