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Welcome to the California Dreamin' Wiki!

Hello! This is the California Dreamin' Wiki, where everyone is trying to make it big. You can make an original character, and roleplay them with other characters! You can learn how to do so with some of the links below. We here at the CDW hope you enjoy your stay!

Featured Items for April 2014
  • Charlotte Fosse is the featured character for April 2014. Be sure to start an RP with them!
  • Shylar, the relationship between Shor Blakelin and Kylar Quinn the featured ship for April 2014!
  • Michelle Casey/Quinn Parrish, the friendship between Michelle Casey and Quinn Parrish is the featured friendship for April 2014!
  • The Love Hexagon, in which Aubrey manipulating Derek and Emily, Ashton coming back and getting together with Charlotte, and Rebecca being friendzoned. happens, is the featured storyline for April 2014!
  • ShorRoss44 is the featured user for April 2014!

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