Brenda Lee
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OOC: I love her, but she isn't complete without Cam and Kelly. Maybe she'll come back one day.
Brenda Lee
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown :D
Eye Color: Brown :D
Birthday: June 7th, 1997
Height: I don't know :(
Weight: I don't know :(
Address: UM, LEMME THINK... rainbow.
Occupation(s): Being a student, and a princess fairy unicorn :D
Aliases: Brendy :D
Family & Friends
Family: Joey and Kayla Lee (Parents), Madeline Lee (Baby sister ^^), and Najika Lee (Cousin :))
Friends: Lots! :)
Enemies: Meanies >:(
Other Information
Interests: Pie, cookies, cake, cupcakes, sparkles, rainbows, unicorns, flowers, pixies, fairies, pixie dust, and princesses :D
Education: Pacific High
Talent: Being a special magic unicorn. :D
Weaknesses:  :(
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Birthday! :D
Last appearance: Um... last birthday? :(
Portrayer: Woo Hyerim and infobox is Sunny's.

HIHIHIHI! :) I'm Brenda, but you can call me Brendy. :3 I love candy, and powerpuff girls, and everything nice. :)


  • Hair Color:  Brown. ^^ (sometimes it changes when I wear wigs. :()
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: Bubbliness. :D

Ooh, I like pink clothes. ^.^ My mommy usually picks out clothes for me, and since I just had a baby sister, we did a whole lot of shopping, which meant I got to buy more clothes. Yay me!

My style is pink, pink, pink, pink. ^.^ I really like wearing different clothes, other than pink. I really like skirts, and shirts with teddy bears on them. ^.^ I really like over-the-shoulder (I think that's what they call them) shirts for a little more flair. ^.^



She's a wonderful actress. <3 She always helps me and Najika with auditions, and how to become better actresses. I can't help but thank her for all the wonderful support she has given me over the years, and hopefully, and I can become a successful actress like her one day. ^^


Daddy is a great author. He's written many wonderful books, and I've read almost all of them.  ^^ I don't know which one is my favorite, they're all so amazing!


My baby sister.  ^^ She's so adorable. :)


She's my cousin, and best friend. ^^ We haven't talked all that much in the past year, but she's still my best friend and I love her. :)


I was born in Los Angeles on June 7th, 1997. My parents decided to name me Brenda, and that's it. I don't have a middle name. :( But it's okay! I still survived. :) My parents always gave me the best toys, and the cutest stuffed animals! I still have some of them in my room, and sometimes I sleep with them, but only because of nostalgia... maybe. :)

Well, I was always into acting since my mom was into it. She's been in a few movies, and a long-running TV show. My mother wasn't always around, but I know she still loved me. My dad took care of me most of the time, but I never wanted to be an author. Writing is hard. :(

When I was in middle school, I met my two best friends of all time, Kelly and Cam .

Anyways, when I got older, my acting improved, and I got accepted into a school called Hollywood Arts. Sadly, an earthquake attacked the school, and LASA didn't accept me. But, I go to Pacific, and it's a very fun school! :)


I'm a very fun person to be around! I'm very bubbly, and energetic, so there's never a dull moment when you're with me. I'm very curious about things, so I do ask a lot of questions. But, yeah! I'm very happy, bubbly, energetic, and curious. ^^ I don't get mad easily, and I never stress. :)


Kelly (Kida)Edit

One of my best friends! :) Her clothes are wonderful! She can be a bit mean sometimes, but it doesn't hurt my feelings that much, because I know that she doesn't mean it. If she did, we wouldn't have been friends for so long! :)

Cam (Pocahontas)Edit

My other best friend! Anyways, she's super sweet, and soo nice! She always cheers me up whenever I'm sad, and I try to do the same for her as well! :)


I don't know her all that well, but I know that she loves Disney and Princesses as much as I do! :)


  • I love Disney Princesses. ^^
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