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Streetwalkinbabyy Streetwalkinbabyy 11 May 2014

everyday create your HIStory

hiii guuyyss, it's me taya. now you're probably wondering where the frick i've been, and well, to make an horribly long story short, i moved a coule months back and i wasn't any where near a computer. whenever i was near one, i barely on got on here. but now i've got a new laptop, and now i can be on here again yaaayy. a lot has changed since the last time i've been on. i got writer's block with the last rp idea i had, and seeing that the characters i made for it gpt archived i see no point in picking it back up. i'm also not obsessed with bands anymore. that's right, no more 1d or 5sos. but i am obsessed with michael jackson now (dont ask me why or how) so get used to me leaving gifs of him everywhere lol

i can't wait to rp again, to writ…

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ShorRoss44 ShorRoss44 6 May 2014

test blog

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 23 April 2014

Changes We've Made to the Wiki

As some of you noticed, Nia made a forum where we discussed to make changes to the Wiki. Some of them are bigger than others, and I just wanted to tell you guys what we've done, and what we're planning to do.

  • We've changed the colors of the Wiki for spring. 
  • Nia fixed up the navigation.
  • We got rid of MySocial.
  • Nia fixed the Get Started Guide, and changed the character form.
  • We tagged all of the inactive pages.
  • I decided to be in charge of the featured items, you can vote here.

  • Adding more locations. Things we decided on are a community center, and new schools. 
  • Maybe a new layout for OCs. (We never got a chance to discuss it further)
  • We might devide our RP into different towns. (We never got a chance to discuss this further either)
  • We're getting rid…

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TheCoreyyDarnell TheCoreyyDarnell 19 April 2014

i'll be gone in the morning

Okay, so I've been prolonging this for a while now and I just can't take it anymore. This isn't meant to offend anyone, or make anyone feel bad or something like that. I'm just finally venting my feelings about everything and making some things clear.

The first thing I want to get off my chest is that I'm leaving the wiki. I feel like the whole wiki is in shambles, and it isn't just because it's pretty much inactive. It's disorganized, there's a whole of other disorder and chaos that I don't even want to delve into but I most likely will, and there's just nothing for me here anymore. I still love all the users here, and you can always MW me here, on Lumblr, or my test wiki if you want to talk. I'm just not going to roleplay here anymore. Pl…

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Adorkabler5er Adorkabler5er 15 April 2014

Missed being here

I missed not being this wiki so much!! Ahh!! Sometimes I don't have time

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ArianaGrandeForever ArianaGrandeForever 6 April 2014


hey everyone,

i know that a lot of people here don't know me that well, but i just wanted to say that i'm leaving. i'm losing interest in this wiki (no offense to anyone though, i just think it's because of this wiki's lack of activity), and that's the reason why. i already deleted all my characters, but like nia, i'm not heartless? and i just couldn't delete crystal, carly, and scarlett so if you can, you should rp with them because they might leave soon too.

thanks to everyone who helped me out and rped with me here, it was fun.

seeya on the flip side.

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 1 April 2014

why aren't my tabs loading :(

so i guess you guys have seen that i deleted most of my ocs on the wiki activity with the edit summary of leaving. so yeah i'm leaving the wiki because I don't have time for it anymore and that saddens me but life saddens me.

and i'm sorry because i love you and and i-ee-i will always love youuuuu~

i'll be back this summer i promise it;s just that school and stuff is getting to be too much right now

but i bet you guys all knew it was an april fools' prank lulz because lauren and elle escaped my wratch because they are literally my babies. if you didn't then you've just played into my hands. also i don't feel like pressing the shift button anytime soon so yeah. i'll reverse the pages tomorrow but yeah. well i won't reverse all of them because …

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 25 March 2014

friendly reminder that we have multiple wiki tumblrs

  • cough cough* - confessions blog - main wiki blog - questions blog

and so yeah

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 14 March 2014

Creys this is late

Happy 10 Days after the Wikiversary Wikiversary! (If that sentence even makes sense)

Well, no one really celebrated it, so a good week and 3 days is a good time, right?

I know we're all busy, but we used to be so active, I wish we could be like that again.

Anyways, I just wanted to announce the Wikiversary, but I thought it was today, but it was my first OC that I made here's birthday.

But, um, yeah.

Happy late Wikiversary! 

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ShorRoss44 ShorRoss44 1 February 2014


this is the blog of the gahhh that comes out of my mouth when i feel like this:

i have no idea where half of my characters are going

this wiki is becoming wayyy too inactive

wayy too inactive

i feel so stressed because of other things

i wish i never made some of these characters

i take that back i still love most of them

i wish everday was a weekend

gahhh why is this wiki inactive

this was a pointless blog

but who else would listen to my rant

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 21 January 2014


As you guys can tell, I'm never on and I have no time for roleplaying and have no passion to continue. I just don't "feel" it anymore and it's not fair for me just to hold face claims when someone else may want them.

Please don't adopt any of my OCs (though I doubt anyone would) and thank you all for being very kind and amazing to me. Continue all of your RPs. ^^

(Sorry this couldn't be longer, I am in a rush.)

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 2 January 2014

New Year's Survey thing

Yeah, this is kind of a survey because i'm just really bored :3. Just so you know this is all wiki-based so yeahhhh

  1. What plotline are you most looking forward to?
  2. Which ship do you want to become canon most?
  3. What do you really really really want to happen this year on the wiki?
  4. Are you planning to do an rp at Ashley Hale's party?
  5. Do you like cookies?
  6. Did you notice that the last question had no question mark?
  7. Did you just check back and realize I was lying?
  8. Would you like me to get on with the survey now?
  9. What would you like changed on this wiki this year?
  10. What FCs would you like to use this year?
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ShorRoss44 ShorRoss44 21 December 2013

quick fun survey

This is a blog of boredom and curiousity. Here's a mini survey you can all take for fun. Some of these may have been asked before, meh

  1. Who's your favorite character of each user?
  2. What was your favorite event in the roleplay?
  3. What is your favorite friendship pairing?
  4. If you could rename your characters, what would you rename each of them (just first names)?
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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 3 December 2013

Christmas Survey

Favorite Christmas-
1. Movie?
2. Memory?
3. Gift?
4. Treat?
5. Song?
6. Pass-time?
7. Food?

Which do you prefer?
1. Christmas Eve or Day?
2. Ice-skating or sledding?
3. Traditional Christmas or nontraditional?
4. Christmas cake or Christmas pudding?
5. Chocolate Santa or mince pies?
6. Turkey or ham?
7. Brussell sprouts or parsnips?

1. What do you look forward to the most at Christmas?
2. Do you prefer Christmas parties or staying at home?
3. Visiting family on friends on Christmas Eve, Day, or both?
4. What is the best thing about Christmas?

This was taken off of Yahoo answers.

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ShorRoss44 ShorRoss44 30 November 2013

legally i'm not really blonde but that's not the point

Heyy everybody. So I have like a thing that involves the roleplay and I think it'd be really fun for ocs. Kind of a side thing for you to have.

Ok so as some of you may know I recently made an event proposal for auditions for a musical being put on at Belles Vues Mall directed by one of my ocs. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten enough kudos to become an official event yet, plus Corey still has to do Mason's funeral, so I thought, why even have an event?

So basically I'm just gonna do it another way. Belles Vues Mall is putting on Legally Blonde: The Musical and we need oc's to audition/play roles! Now if you're thinking we're actually going to roleplay a musical then you are sadly mistaken. I was just gonna have this whole production going on a…

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 16 November 2013

Gif requests idk

Okay, this blog ish about if you want to make me gifs for you, I can make them since im bored a lot and yeah

So, yeah, I can make gifs for you and yeah.

Just fill out the forum:

Movie/TV Show/Video:

Type of Gif:


Photoset or One Gif:

Character to Gif (Option):

Specific Video/Episode/Scene: (Optional)

i can basically do the majority of everything in this

so um yeah have a nice day i was just bored

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 1 November 2013

blog cuz why not

just reminding you we have a confessions tumblr, and since a lot of things are happening, I figured you guys wanna confess some things. :) remember, no hate.

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ShorRoss44 ShorRoss44 13 October 2013

heyy; lollipop and candies

Heyyyy everyone, it's Shor. I haven't been on wikia in like a month and I really miss roleplaying! So what did I miss? Any new stuff on the wiki? How are you all? Any character shutff you want to share? You can reply in the comments, thankies :)

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 3 September 2013


this blog is to be short bcs my aunt will be home soon~

so long story short, i lost my phone and i don't know when it will be back so i'll be on a hiatus for an unknown amount of time.

thank you~

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 1 September 2013

i saw something like this on tumblr

but it's not the same at all bc I don't want to copy it.

First, pick 10 romantic ships that you ship, or if you hate all of them than just pick random ones. You can even do crackships if you want idc.

Now list them from 1 - 10 and REMEMBER THE ORDER.

After you've listed them, read the questions and answer them. (Don't read them beforehand.).

  1. Why do you ship 5?
  2. What is your favorite thing about 7?
  3. What is your least favorite thing about 2?
  4. If 1 never got together, what would you do?
  5. Would you rather 6 fall in love but never get together or in a relationship without feelings?
  6. How would you feel if 9 broke up right now?
  7. If you could change 1 thing about 10, what would it be?
  8. 4 is married. Who does the most chores in the house?
  9. What is the song 3 dances t…
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VideoVixen123 VideoVixen123 30 August 2013

i'm back mother fathers

guess who's back

back again

taya's back

tell a friend











After spending the rest of my summer on tumblrsome long, hard thinking, I decided to come back because I miss roleplaying and the reason I left was kinda stupid like really wow.

But I'm back and thats all that matters so yay

Oh btw

Can the following pages be archived:

  • Jess Miers
  • Jocelyn Miers
  • Reggie Miers
  • Tena Miers
  • Aria Miers
  • Tyler Ray
  • Marina Chapman
  • Adrianna Taylor
  • Una Parks
  • Connie Lopez
  • Aimee-Rose Parks
  • Tamryn Young

starting a new roleplay series with new ocs~ yes i will still be using the harry styles oc

and now a gif of harry styles being an angel because it is only absolutely necessary

What the girl said to Harry was “you’re the only source of positivity in my life…

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HeyLookItzTanni HeyLookItzTanni 25 August 2013

What comes into your mind?

Hey guys. It's been a while since I've made a fun blog. So in this game, one person starts by saying the name of an OC, and the next person says the name of the OC that comes to mind after that. For example:

Cxc- Emily Bailey
Nia- Emily reminds me of Ashily so Ashton Parker.
Shor- Hmmmm. Ashily Summers.

and so on.

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 22 August 2013

gone with the wind

This will be short because I have to go to dinner soon, sorry. ~

With school starting, I will no longer have any time to roleplay so I will be leaving wikia.

I had a great time here and I'm sad my time here was so short.

Thank you all for cooperating with me.

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 1 August 2013

Poll Time Yay

Okay, so I just need two more questions to be done, because everything has had a majority. I KINDA CHANGED IT UP SORRY

You'll see the rest of the winners latur. ^^

So here's what I need:

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TheCoreyyDarnell TheCoreyyDarnell 29 July 2013

this love will be the death of me ^w^

I was supposed to make this like early this morning, but y"know, the lazy-isms.

Okay, while I was away, I ended up going through a lot of personal thinky-type crap, and after deciding small things like what shoes I want to go back to school, my favorite foods, and all of that other nonsense, I realized something. I go back to school on August 12th.

That's less than 3 weeks away, but all of you probs know that. Okay, well, this is basically a little announcement saying that from here on out, my schedule will be a bit altered/irregular/unconsistent until school starts. And then, when school actually starts, it'll take a drastic change until weekends. I don't necessarily know how it'll change just yet, but I'll most definitely fill yoy guys in o…

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 27 July 2013

Tumblr Survery Thing

I didn't know what to call this.

so, basically, since the main wiki tumblr is dead and all, we (me and nia) decided to do a survey thingamabobber, and basically you answer with your top 3 answers (two if you can't think of 3), if you don't get it, here's an example:

Favorite Pony: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight.

so um yeah, here are the questions.

  • 1. Favorite boy
  • 2. Favorite girl
  • 3. Favorite straight ship
  • 4. Favorite gay ship
  • 5. Favorite lesbian ship
  • 6. Funniest character
  • 7. Favorite moment
  • 8. Favorite HBIC
  • 9. Favorite thing to happen to an OC
  • 10. Least favorite thing to happen to an OC
  • 11. Favorite friendship
  • 12. Fave not currently canon ship
  • 13. Favorite crackship
  • 14. Favorite conflict
  • 15. Favorite sibling friendship

You know all of my blogs must end …

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VideoVixen123 VideoVixen123 24 July 2013


As you can probably tell by the title of this blog, because of my actions that have left people disgusted with me, I have decided to permanently leave this wiki and possibly all other wikis having to do with this wiki. If you don't know what has drove me to make this decision, I will explain below.

About a couple days ago, let's say on July 16th, I was bored. I had just finished watching Girl Interrupted and I was actually really inspired by it, so I decided to make a wiki about a mental hospital. I didn't quite know where to start, so I went snooping around wikis, looking for codes that I could use. So I found Mini's wiki, where I found some pretty nice codes (props to her btw those codes are like really amazing). I was thinking of using t…

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 19 July 2013

break yay

I will be at my relative's from this afternoon and then a camp until Friday.

So yeahhh.

I'll be gone for a week, but I might get internet at places we may go. 

I will miss you alllll.

But don't worry.

I will not be disappearing.

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 16 July 2013


Some of these questions come from old surveys from the RP wiki so credits to themmm.

  1. Favorite OC of yours?
  2. Favorite OC that isn't yours?
  3. What FCs would you like to use in the future, taken or not?
  4. Favorite singers/groups/bands?
  5. What is your zodiac sign?
  6. Favorite books?
  7. Favorite TV show?
  8. Cold weather or hot weather?
  9. Do you miss your childhood, if you are a teenager yet?
  10. Sunshine or wet and rainy weather?
  11. Do you have a religion?
  12. How many kids do you want?
  13. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  14. Do you wear makeup?
  15. Do you listen to country music?
  16. Do you ever wear your socks inside out?
  17. Burger King or Jack in the Box for dinner?
  18. Do you prefer milk, white, or dark chocolate?
  19. What is the first think you notice about a person?
  20. Favorite song at the moment?

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 15 July 2013

game yayy

Credits to Google for this, because I looked up games and I was linked to a random website some of their truths and lies were so creepy though like omg.

Anyway, so basically, you post three truths and one lie about yourself, and everyone has to guess which one is the lie.

Have funnnn.

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 11 July 2013

a very long survey that no one will take

Credits to tumblr because I copied/pasted the entire thing.

1. What do you plan on doing with your life a decade from now?

2. Do you support abortion? Yes or No? Give your reasons.

3. Do you support euthanasia? Yes or No? Give your reasons.

4. Would you rather go back in time or remain where you are in terms of the time of your life?

5. Do you like the school you’re going to? Yes or No? Give your reasons.

6. Who was your favorite Disney princess as a child?

7. How do you manage your finances? What do you normally spend it on? And what would you do with your savings for the future?

8. Do you still live with your folks?

9. What do you crave for for desserts?

10. Who are your style icons?

11. Would you rather die by fire or by ice?

12. Do you believe in…

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TheCoreyyDarnell TheCoreyyDarnell 5 July 2013


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DancingIdiot DancingIdiot 4 July 2013

i'm joining in on the fun :D

Okay, after thinking about it for a while, I decided to start a fan-fiction like all of you lovely people have. :P I'm gonna base it off the video game 'The Last of Us' because it's full of feels, it's sweet and I just love it all together.

Before I begin to write this, I need to know if I can use your OCs. Can I? :3 Also, I suck when it comes to casting most of the time so, I could use your help a little. Once I get a few suggestions, I'm sure I'll be good to go.  I have no idea how to describe the characters I need because it's late, so I'll just give you their personality from the wikia. I hope that's okay. And no, their names don't need to match up, obviously. The character descriptions below are just the ones that I feel are needed the…

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TheCoreyyDarnell TheCoreyyDarnell 3 July 2013

you play through my mind like a symphony

Hi hi hi hi. I wanna write a murder mystery fanfic after Gracie finishes hers.

So, um, I wanted to get your inputs and ideas and such.

Should it be set at on a vacation far away, a party, or a masquerade ball?

Oh, and can I use your OCs lawl.

Feel free to add any ideas you have too.


Once I have all of that figured out, I'll think it through and when Grace finishes hers, I'll start it when I'm ready yup.

So, comment below yeah.

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 2 July 2013

State Fanfiction

SORRY IF THAT SUCKED. It was my first state fanfiction.

I will write any state pairing. Just ask. :DDDDDD

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Ms. reference Ms. reference 2 July 2013


mmmkay so as you guys know i just rejoined and yeah

but basically i missed like 3 month of character development, ships, drama, etc. so I was wondering if you guys could catch me up? this blog post is kind of unimportant but I don't want to just jump in without knowing anything

k thank youuu

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 28 June 2013


okay so

i'm on vacation

from june 29 

to july 6 or 7

i'm not really sure.

that's it

i'm not inactive

just on vacation



i might be on occasionally

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TheCoreyyDarnell TheCoreyyDarnell 25 June 2013

Just So You Know... ^.^

Heyyyyy. So, um, me, Nia, Tanni, and Cxc were on chat one day and we were talking about RP-ing and such. I said that I wanted another school RP wiki like VRPW was, and we all agreed.

After a long day of coming up with a ideas and working out all of the kinks, we decided to make Millington - a boarding school in Virginia.

We've spent the last couple of days establishing the wiki, and now I am proud to announce that it's officially open for business! You should check it out. :3

Here's the link:

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 23 June 2013

random surveeey

1. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying?

2. Which would you choose, true love with a guarantee of a heart break or have never loved before?

3. What music are you listening to right now?

4. What is the weirdest thing you will ever admit to having done in the past?

5. What is your least favorite word?

6. When you die, would you rather be burried or cremated?

7. Why doesn't Tarzan have a beard?

8. Would you prefer if good things happened, or interesting things?

9. Which do you prefer - Coke or Pepsi?

10. What was your favorite sitcom growing up?

11. Facebook or Twitter?

12. Favorite quote?

13. Something you can't stand?

14. Do you curse a lot?

15. Favorite movie?

16. Favorite band?

17. Favorite music genre?

18. Best TV show airing right now…

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SunriseHorseForever SunriseHorseForever 20 June 2013

like a soundtrack to a july saturday night

Sorrrryy about this.

I'm grounded and have to leaveeee.

I still have my laptop, but they took my charger and idk what to do as my laptop is dying as I type this.

Feel free to delete my char pages and as soon as I get my charger back I'll be back.

Farewell, for just a while.

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 18 June 2013

just letting you guys know

As a lot of you know, we have a confessions blog for this wiki.

But now, I am proud of present two new wiki-centric blogs that I think you guys would enjoy.

  • The first one is an ask blog. Like on tumblr RPs, where you can ask characters of a certain fandom things, you can now do so with our very own OCs. It was started a long time ago but has since been revamped. You can find it here:
  • The second one is our main wiki blog, where stuff like couple analysises, photosets, gifs, and all that stuff is posted. Again, it was started a long time ago and has since been restarted per wiki request from some of our very own wikians. You can find it here:

If you would like to hel…

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DancingIdiot DancingIdiot 31 May 2013


Sorry for not being very active lately because I've been busy keeping up with real life so, yeah. I also don't have any roleplaying notifacations for some reason, other than the one rp I just replied to.. So if we was in a roleplay, please let me know down in the comments. But yeah, I'm going on a hiatus, but I still will do my best to get on every once in a while. I also have no idea this will last but it hopefully won't be too long.

Byeee, I'll miss you!

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HeyLookItzTanni HeyLookItzTanni 29 May 2013

Build your own sentence, guys!

Okay, so here is how it goes:

  1. You choose a statement that is true from each section to build your sentence.
  2. No cheating.

Oh yeah, and the OCs were chosen with "random page". 1. Shirt color.

  • Green shirt- I ate
  • Red shirt- I married
  • Orange- I massaged
  • Yellow- My dog pooped on
  • Purple- screw
  • Blue- I ran over
  • White- I punched
  • Black- My brother scratched
  • Pink- I did synchronized swimming with
  • Brown- Santa farted on
  • Grey- I hated
  • Other- Fido bit

2. Birth month

  • January- Derek Mitchell
  • February- Doe McCarthy
  • March- Sandara Thompson
  • April- Adam Benson
  • May- Gaile Young
  • June- Giselle DuBois
  • July- Logan Montgomery
  • August- Xara Keun
  • September- Ashley Hale
  • October- Aubrey Everrett
  • November- Anabella Knight
  • December- Connie Lopez

3. Nearest electric device or whatever (no, not whatever …

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 23 May 2013

Let's Play a Game

Okay, so I understand the wiki has been kind of dead lately, so I wanted to liven it up with a fun survey-ish game.

But it isn't really a survey.

Just bear with me, okay?

Again, since the wiki has been dead lately, I thought that we could do something to kind of make up for that. I know I'm insanely uncreative, so this is why I suck at starting RPs/self-rps. So stimulate creativity, I wanted to play a game where we're being random and stupid, since that's where I get a lot of good ideas.

Also, I'm bored.

For this game, you pick 10 random OCs. They can be all yours, all someone else's, or a mix. Whatever. Number them from 1-10.

The trick to this game is NOT to look at the questions beforehand. Now think, and then look at the questions without che…

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VideoVixen123 VideoVixen123 5 May 2013

I got this idea and I'm so excited omg

Hi so like I was on the confessions tumblr and I suddenly thought..what if we make tumblrs for our charries? Like we could rp them on their like normal tumblr roleplays and answer asks with gifs and post in character and stuff like that. That would be fun I guess for me since I'm like obssesed with tumblr idk . But yeah what do you guys think?

And now a Little Mix gif yay

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DancingIdiot DancingIdiot 26 March 2013

Nyan Cat

This is what happens when I'm bored, don't ask.

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 21 March 2013

Confessions Tumblr

Just letting you all know I've made a confessions tumblr. :)

Confess away.

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Catxcrazy Catxcrazy 12 March 2013

So, like..

What do we do when we want to delete an OC? I really don't want this wiki to be cluttered up with pages for OCs that have moved. TBH, I think we should just delete the page if it has the moved template in (someone could ask an admin), so we don't have the wiki cluttered up. If someone wants to restore an OC they've deleted, they could aalways ask an admin to restore the page. Okay, comment belows naow. :D

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 9 March 2013

I Added Chat Emoticons

We have more chat emoticons now!

I copied and pasted the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki's emoticon list from it's "view source" page and pasted it here. I thought that we had a small emoticon list, and since we were all familiar with the emoticons from the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki, it's only logical that we use the same emoticons here!

You can check out the codes and pictures at MediaWiki:Emoticons.

If you want, you can request an emoticon below :).

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NinjaNia NinjaNia 5 March 2013

I Made Templates

First off, this is totally NOT to get a badge at all. And second, since this is an RP wiki and eventually, at least one of us, will delete an OC or two, I made leaving templates. They are similar to the VRPW leaving and hiatus templates, but I colored and formatted them so they would fit the wiki more.

Yes, this thing would have been more fit for a community discussion type thing, but I'm so sorry that I never brought it up and  I already made the templates. so there would have been little use for these templates.

The first one I made is called Moved for if you're deleting your OC permanently or for a long period of time. In the RP world, they have moved obviously,

The second one I made is called Away for if you are say, putting your OC on hiat…

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