Blake Alexander
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Blake Regan Alexander
General Information
Gender: Female.
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Brown.
Birthday: February 4, 1996
Height: 5'6
Weight: No.
Address: No.
Occupation(s): I don't work.
Aliases: Blay; B; Blakerz; Blakeroonie
Family & Friends
Family: Parents. Twin.
Friends: I have some.
Relationships: Hunter Samuel (ex-boyfriend)
Enemies: Many.
Other Information
Interests: Things.
Education: LASA
Talent: Scriptwriting; poetry; acting; singing
Weaknesses: I'm a mess, but I'm not gonna just tell you my weaknesses.
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: Cristine Prosperi. The infobox is Sunny's.


no room for imagining – Child of two assholes.
– Nothing is provocative anymore, even for kids. No room for imagining, 'cause everyone's seen everything.

 – All my life I've felt it deep inside of me. All this time was fighting for what I believe. All my life I've tried to hide what history has given me.

Blake. 18. Senior. Single.


  • Hair Colour: Brown.
  • Eye Colour: Brown.
  • Trademark: I don't know.

I'm fashionable. I wear clothes only by high-name designers, and I take pride in that. I have my hair highlighted and trimmed once a month. I always wear perfume. I don't wear makeup besides lipstick, and I protect my face from acne and other blemishes daily. If you thought that upholding my daily style was easy, you were mistaken, sweetie.



I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Soooo, moving on.

Echo AlexanderEdit

My twin. I love her. Yeah, she's weird as fuck, but that's what makes her special. She's like, one of my best friends. Oh, and don't mess with her, or I'll hunt you down and kick your ass.


Dude, why do you want to know this?



I'm a complicated young lady. I'm extremely athletic and tough, so I don't really recommend pissing me or anyone I love off. I have slight anger issues, and I tend to be very aggressive at times. I'm an emotional person, but you won't see me at my weakest. I'm a perfectionist, and I always want things to be... well, perfect. I no longer believe in forever, as all good things come to an end. I have more confidence in myself and others than I should. I have OCD, and that basically fuels my perfectionism. Like I've said, I'm a complicated young lady. If you still want to talk to me at this point, anything that I say or do to you is all your fault because I specifically warned you beforehand.


Hunter SamuelEdit

An ex. I loved him, but he broke my heart. Thanks to him, I've learned to never get attached to a man, because they'll only end up hurting you in the end. Thanks for the lesson, Hunter. I appreciate it.


  • My view on love changed drastically on July 1, 2013.
  • I have slight anger issues.
  • I have OCD.
  • I'm waaay too strong to say that I'm a 17 year old girl. I bench press like, 450.
  • I'm the Queen of throwing parties. Wait until I throw my end of the school year party.
  • MySocial rocks.
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