Audrey Mars
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this is our someday ♥ – Child of my parents
– If the world is a apple, then it's time to take a bite. Someday it will come together, someday we will work it out, I know we can turn it up all the way,cause this our someday.

 – Before I start crying, give me a reason for trying, the one thing that keeps me alive.

Hi there :)
Audrey Mars
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: It varies
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: August 8th
Height: I don't know?
Weight:  ?
Address:  ???
Occupation(s): Student, Dancer
Aliases: Hyori Hwan is my real name
Family & Friends
Family: My mother and my sister, Min-Hee Jessica
Friends: None yet
Relationships: None yet
Pet(s): My mom has allergies
Enemies: None, period
Other Information
Interests: Dancing, Blogging, and stuff
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Dancing
Weaknesses: Too many
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Birth
Last appearance: Death
Portrayer: this sucks
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