Annie Matthews
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Annie Caroline Matthews
General Information
Gender: I'm a female. (:
Age: I am 15 years old.
Hair Color: I dye it a bit.
Eye Color: My eyes are brown.
Birthday: December 6, 1997
Height: I'm tall-ish.
Weight: I'm fat. :/
Address: I feel uncomfortable giving this piece of info out to strangers... sorry.
Occupation(s): I don't work.
Aliases: Ann
Family & Friends
Family: My mommy and my little bro.
Friends: Hopefully, I make some!
Relationships: I've haven't had a boyfriend yet. :/
Enemies: I hope not.
Other Information
Interests: I like waaaay too many things to put in this little section.
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Singing
Weaknesses: Many. :/
Series Information
Portrayer: Demi Lovato. The infobox is Cxc's.


burning up like neon lights – Child of my mommy.
– Be still, my heart, 'cause it's freaking out, it's freaking out, right now. Shining like stars, 'cause we're beautiful, we're beautiful, right now.

 – Baby, when they look up at the sky, we'll be shooting stars just passing by. You'll be coming home with me tonight. We'll be burning up like neon lights.

Hiii. I'm Annie! (:


  • Hair Colour: I dye it a bit. It's currently blonde. :)
  • Eye Colour: My eyes are brown.
  • Trademark: I don't really know, sorry.

I like to wear all types of clothes! Um, I like to wear punk-rocker type clothes, I wear preppy clothes, I wear frilly clothes, I wear it all. I like to keep a unique style, but it's not like anyone really thinks I'm pretty. :/ Anyways, I've gotten a natural tan because I've been out in the sun a lot, which is kinda cool, because I used to be really pale when I was younger. Um, I like to dye my hair. I've dyed it red, black, brown, blonde, and I usually add different colors to the tips when it's blonde. I like my appearance, even though I know I'm fat and ugly and I don't deserve the clothes I wear.


Caroline MatthewsEdit

My mommy! I got my middle name from her, which I think is cool. I really love her! She's really nice and supportive, and I cherish the ground she walks on. She's insanely beautiful, but I don't think she passed that gene on to me. I know I've said it a million times already, but I love her. <3


I'd rather not talk about him.

Robert MatthewsEdit

My little brother. Yeah, he's a little twerp, but I love him. He's really smart and popular in school, and I really like him even though he annoys me to no end.


It's really long, dark, and complicated. I don't want to bore you with the details of my horrible life.



Well, I'm really nice. I'm really chipper and positive and I'm never mean or negative to anyone. I'm that girl who you'll call annoying and just sits in the back corner of the room. I'm a good girl, who does no wrong. I'm the type of person who rarely gets upset. I'm really friendly, but I'm not the type that you befriend. I'm actually very lonely and sad a good bit of the time, but I don't want to show you my melodramatic side, so I usually just cover it with a smile. Talk to me if you'd like, I don't bite. (:


Everyone thinks I'm annoying and weird. :/


  • I'm dramatically overweight.
  • My eyes are too far apart.
  • I'm extremely flawed, but it's okay, because I deserve them.
  • I'm awkwardly tall.
  • My life is really sad, but you probably don't care.
  • People say I look like Demi Lovato, but she's incredibly beautiful and talented, and I ugly and I suck at everything, so I don't believe them.
  • I like to sing, but I suck at it.
  • I think my mom paid the dean of acceptance to get me into LASA.
  • I don't really eat fatty foods too much.
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