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Yesh, Andy – Child of humans
– student, singer-actress and youtuber. what more can i say?

 – who says you're not perfect? who says you're not worth it?

no idea what to say, but.. hey!
Andy Grace Monroe
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General Information
Gender: ...Female, duh!
Age: 16
Hair Color: Light Brown, with slight blonde streaks (streaks aren't visible)
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 23, 1997
Height: 5'4
Weight: Don't. Even. Talk about it.
Address: NARNIA!
Occupation(s): Student and singer-actress, part-time YouTuber
Aliases: Miley Cyrus (I hate it)
Family & Friends
Family: Sierra, Curtis and Dennis
Friends: I just started here...
Relationships: Single pringle and ready to mingle :D
Enemies: None... yet ;)
Other Information
Interests: They're too much!
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Singing and acting
Weaknesses: Can I NOT tell you?
Role-playing Information
Portrayer: User:Katbecrazy


  • Hair Color: Brown with little blonde streaks
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: I guess, my smile?


Sierra White-MonroeEdit

She- was the best mom ever! She was always there when I needed her. But she died.

Curtis MonroeEdit

Best dad EVA!

Dennis MonroeEdit

Annoying as hell


I was born in Sacramento, California in a normal hospital to Sierra White and Curtis Monroe. I had a very normal childhood, ocassionally arguing with my brother, Dennis. When I was 9, we moved to Nashville, Tenessee, due to some reasons. We then move to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a singer-actress. Though I am still studying, I still gets minor roles in Hollywood movies. When I was 13, my mom was diagnosed with leptospirosis, and died shortly. After my mother's death, I decided to make a YouTube account to get my mother's death out of my head. It then became a hobby and the channel now has a total of 8.5 million subscribers.


I'm witty, funny, stylish, compassionate, hyper, and sometimes negative when I get stuck. I am more into music than sports. I have a very determined, audacious attitude. I often often lies or go through over-the-top scandals to get what I want or make someone I loves happy, even when they tell me not to. But that's what my dad says...


Nahh, I'm single ^-^


- I hate raspberries, just- no.

- I'm a vegetarian. I was supposed to be a vegan, but I just didn't want to give up on dairy!

- Selfies our my thang.

- #Hashtags. Oh yes.

- Yus. I possess the green IPhone 5c. Clara has the yellow, and August got the blue.


I apparently take a lot of selfies. And I have a stalker brother.

  • I was on the set of my first movie ever! #JustAMinorRole
  • #ShoppingSpree with mah BFF Clara!
  • Okay. Wow. This is too much of me and Clara.
  • Me, Clara, and August
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