Aaron Hopkins
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this is a rebel love song – Child of people.
– I cannot hide what's on my mind, I feel it burning deep inside. A passion crime to take what's mine. Let us start living for today. Never gonna' change my mind; We can leave it all behind; Nothin's gonna' stop us, No not this time! So take your hand in mine It's ours tonight. This is a rebel love song.

 – Hearts will sacrifice, It's do or die. This is a rebel love song. My outlaw eyes have seen their lies. I choke on all they had to say. When worlds collide what's left inside, I hold on tight and hear you pray.

Hey, I'm Aaron. This is my page so...yeah.
Aaron Damon Hopkins
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General Information
Gender: Male, duh.
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue-ish green
Birthday: October 25th, 1997
Height: I don't know.
Weight: ^
Address: Sorry, but no.
Occupation(s): Student, Actor
Aliases: Damon; Hoppy
Family & Friends
Family: Beth Hopkins, Doug Hopkins, Jake Hopkins
Friends: I have a couple of close friends.
Relationships: Forever alone.
Enemies: I do my best to not end up with many enemies.
Other Information
Interests: Sports, photography, and art.
Education: Los Angeles School of the Arts
Talent: Acting, dancing
Weaknesses: Sorry but, yeah... I'm not telling you that.
Role-playing Information
First appearance: My birth.
Last appearance: I WILL LIVE FOREVER.
Portrayer: Peaceskies!


Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue-ish green

Trademark: I don't know.

I wear grandpa sweaters more than I probably should and I wear jeans most of the time.


Jake HopkinsEdit

Jake is my brother. For an older brother, he's really awesome.

Beth HopkinsEdit

Beth is my mom. She's amazing and I love her sooo much. If you can;t already tell, I'm a momma's boy.

Doug HopkinsEdit

He cheated on my mom, got a divorce with her, then moved out. .-.


Every once in a while I'll get a little paranoid, but it's nothing major. I also have anxiety issues and stuff like that. Um, I'm nice and I do my best to keep my promises.


I was born on October 25, 1997. Growing up I loved to put on little plays for my family with my brother and I began getting into dancing not too long after that. Once I was twelve, I got a few acting jobs, and that was the beginning of a long journey that I call my life.


  • I don't mean to brag, but I've met Kellin Quinn. The proof will be in the gallery below this.
  • I've broken my wrist twice.
  • People love drama, but I just love food.
  • Pasta <3
  • I can't think of anything else to put here.


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