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• 4/28/2014

New Template Ideas

Heyyy. So I remember us mentioning that we wanted to explore changing the layout of character pages. I had this idea for a character layout and I had ideas for codings I could use so I thought up a possible layout we could use. I made it into a template, you can see it here.
The layout isn't ready to use so that you can put your own info in there, that template is only an example of what it would be. If we decide to use it, I think I'd be able to figure out the parameters and all that. You'd be able to choose your own colors, fonts, and all that cool stuff. I also would be able to add a section where you could put your "I live in" template. Please tell me what you think about the layout and if you want to use it.
I also made a possible layout we could use for location pages. I got the idea from the Lumblr Wiki, it'd be set up like they have it. You can see that here. We could change the color if you want to, too.
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• 4/27/2014

Adding New Locations

So, in this thread, we talked about adding new locations, and on this thread, we're gonna talk about it solely, hopefully, and so yeah.
Since we have new cities, we need to add schools for them first of all, and I think we should focus on Anaheim, San Diego, and Long Beach first because I think we should have all the locations we currently have now should be in LA.
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• 4/17/2014

Reviving the Wiki, Part 2

Part one can be found on this forum also, so if you haven't read that, read that.
Anyways, I had some ideas on how to revive the wiki and it would be better if it was on the beginnign of a thread, rather than a reply. So, please read below.

Contents[show]Tweaking the Get Started Guide
I feel that we should introduce a tabber system for the GSS, so it would be more accessible to new users. No one likes to read the long and hard stuff, so a tab system will make the reading experience easier. Here is a visual example if you don't picture the idea yet:

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/3rdparty/tabber/tabber.js"],getLoaders:function(){return [$.loadJQueryUI]}})



Character/User Inactivity
We have a lot of inactive characters with users who forget about them or usrs who just leave. So I say we implement this policy:
If the user has not been active for a month, then we mark all of their characters using the Moved2 template. If the user is fairly active for the past motnh but the character hasn't, we give the user six weeks without roleplaying the character without marking them as Moved2.

Location Creation Process
We should approve locations like we do events,  kudos to see how many users approve. A location is no use if only one user likes it.

Locations we DO NOT NEED/NEED to have
Important to Have:

A new private/public high school because not everyone in a city is going to focus onto two schools
A new college for the same reason
Not Important to Have:

Ocean Coast Academy. sorry guys, but no one really makes OCs for there, even when it was known.
Houses, especially if the OCs are inactive
We should just delete both because no one's using them. Texting is often mixed into RPing, so that could get confusing. We could always use the word bubbles, just say //bob texts blah// and then the bubble. On the texting board, we could say that the board is not logner in use and all texting should me at the RP board. For MySocial, no one is usign them, we should just delete the pages.

Changing the Character Form
It should really be this imo:
Name:Face Claim:Gender:Age/Birthday:Personality: (at least four qualities, not just nice and smart)Occupation(s):Brief History:(one or two sentences should suffice. Show that you know your character)Talent (only if attending CAC or LASA):Education (optional):Portrayer:

We should change the approve/claim forms so that they have a preload for sorts for users to make pages.
The main page colors hurt my eyes.
Someone that is not me should handle featured items.
I had something else but I forgot it so yeah.
No more mature templates, because half the pages they're put on are not the least bit mature and they're unneeded.
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• 4/6/2014

Reviving the Wiki

So, basically the wiki is dead, so there's something wrong with it. So, if you have any suggestions to help revive it, please give your suggestions here. :)
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• 2/24/2014

Inactive charries.

So like as you all know, we have a boatload of OCs whose portrayers have sadly departed from this wiki. When they go inactive, we do nothing with their OC pages. This isn't meant to insult anyone (as the last time a thread like this was made I got severely insulted; despite that I still love you Shor bby) But we need to implement a system for getting those OCs marked inactive within a reasonable timeframe (like Audrey has been gone since July 20th, 2013 and her OCs still haven't been deleted).
Also I feel the need to implement a system for keeping the OCs whose portrayers are still here active. Like, I understand that there are prior engagements like school and extracurricular activities. So, instead of having a short time like a month, let's say if a charrie hasn't been portrayed at all in 2 months, an admin needs to intervene. If their portrayer has left without reason and their profile has been marked inactive, just delete said OC. Simple as that.
This isn't up for discussion but we really do need to organize our FC pages, school pages, and other locations and whatnot. This is freaking mandatory, so yeah we need to get on that.
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• 2/2/2014

New Interface Idea

Heyyy. I just got so excited I went along and thought of some stuff for a new interface. Plus I was bored. I made this background that we could use. It wouldn't tile, it would only be at the top. The blue is the same blue as the wiki's blue background so it would just continue down to the blue.

Also Corey had this main page idea. Idk if he still wants us to use it but you can see it here. I think most of us already saw it. We would just change up the colors and such. So we could use that for the main page and add a featured section. What do you guys think?
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• 1/10/2014

This wiki is so inactive it pains me.

WARNING: This isn't as much of a suggestions thread as it is a rant/discussion/bore you all with my opinions on the wiki thread.
I know this is stupid and obvious and no one really cares what I have to say, but this needs to be said. This wiki is crazy inactive, and I don't think it's just school. I know I shouldn't be contributing to it because I'm an admin and all, but I admit that I'm not perfect and I think this wiki is way more inactive that it has been. There have been periods where we were less that active before. But hey, our most recent wiki activity things wouldn't have "one day ago" under them and you would see people editing and replying over the weekend. Also, I feel the majority of the wiki brings another wiki as more of a priority. It's perfectly fine. If that makes you happy, I'm fine. But honestly, I think some things need to change on this wiki, in terms to roleplaying and all that jazz to increase activity. And just improving the wiki in general.

Starting RPs: CAN I JUST SAY THAT STARTING RPS IS HARD AS HECK EVEN THOUGH IT SEEMS EASY. I mean you have to choose a character to rp with, and then you have to have your character say something. But it's very difficult and unrealistic for someone just to say "Hi" even if they're a good person, and most contexts like "Bob bumped into Mary" are overused as heck and SOMETIMES THESE THINGS AND FREAKING HARD AND THIS IS WHY WE HAVE SUCH AN INACTIVE WIKI BECAUSE NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO START AN RP AND FOSTER A REAL FRIENDSHIP/RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OCS THAT IS NOT A SELF-SHIP. Okay so now that my crazy rant is over, let's get down to business. I think we should all just follow my ideas in the next bullet point because this bullet is getting long winded and I can't save it now.
Self-RPs and RPs in General: I like reading RPs. I like reading them a lot. You know what I want to do? I want to comment on RPs I think are good and the ones that I think totally suck (jkjk). I want to give compliments to good ones and constructive criticism to the ones I think aren't as good. You know why I can't? This wiki, no matter how progressive we are in terms to LGBT-love and out of the box plotlines, is a little conservative with opinions. I know we have RPs we like more and ones we like that, and we should be able to CONSTRUCTIVELY CRITICIZE RPs, characters, and plotlines. By constructively criticize, I mean "I like the idea you have, but I think that ... could be improved and ... isn't up to my standards."That way, the RPer can do better next time and maybe gain confidence (when we say "omg you've improved i love you so much") in starting RPs like in that bullet point up there. Also, it's good to give encouragement, but I feel this wiki is stingy on that if the rp isn't of a popular ship because we're afraid people might feel bad. Well guess what? I feel bad if I DON'T get a comment sometimes, because I have no idea whether you people absolutely hated my RP or want to marry it. Commets build confidence, and I think that if I had more confidence in my RPing and my OCs, then I would start more RPs, making the wiki more active.
Events: Over half of the events are Ashley Hale parties and the most recent one wasn't too popular. I highly believe that there should be more variety, at the very least in the type of party. And maybe we could increase the time span between some events, because sometimes such close-together events can lead to less activity. I have some ideas for some events. They're not good but they're ideas so BEAR WITH ME PEOPLE BEAR WITH ME.
Fancy B-Day Parties: A lot of people have fancy sweet 16 at hotels where ahem, things can happen.
Sleepovers: How is it that we have so many girls on this wiki but none of the classic teenage girl antics of a slumber party? How? I've always wanted ashley Hale to throw this awesome slumber party where she gets girls to admit who they like and share all their secrets.
Carnivals/Fairs: Wouldn't you love to see your favorite ship stuck on a ferris wheel or win each other gifts at carnival games? I would. LITERALLY IF YOUR OTP KISSES ON A FERRIS WHEEL OR ADORABLY THROW UP ON EACH OTHER ON A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE THEN LAUGHS IT OFF I WILL SHIP THEM SO HARD.
Marking character inactive as users go inactive: As much as we all love her, we have to admit that Reffy has left for good, and her characters along with her. Even though she's gone and a certain character has acknowledged as one of Reffy's ocs has gone, they wre never really marked as "Moved" and their pages were never deleted. It's because we don't really have a system for that. I believe we put the Moved template that archived the page on pages like these, and if inactive users don't come back after a month or so, then we delete the pages. This doesn't really go with my title and theme but this has been bothering me for a while.
Character Pages: This is very off topic, but can we please finish our character pages? Please? Like, I get you have school but it wouldn't kill your to do a section a week or something.
Rant over.
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• 11/30/2013

Boarding School and Dorms

I bet you think I'm suggesting adding a boarding school and dorms? Well guess I'm not.
Guess what? I'm also a fibber. I actually am suggesting the above.
To be honest, I think having 2 schools is a fine amount and we're good with just 2. But I think it'd add more of a variety of some sort if we added a boarding school for students K - 12. We have a regular school, performing arts, why not add a boarding school?
Tanni also suggested dorms over at this thread. Dorms are used for colleges and for the boarding school if we add it. Basically we could add about 2-3 dorms for each away school and then students are assigned a dorm room whenever they enroll in the school. Like Tanni said, it would be nice for two random OCs to interact as roommates. People do that in real life. And we could see how they mix living together.
So what do you think?? :)
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• 11/9/2013

Newspaper thingy of some sort or something like that

A while back Tanni came up with this idea back about this newspaper thing we could do and then we brainstormed ideas. It's on dis blog, very last comment on the page and it's in those replies. We said we could make some type of board posting thing that updates everyone about the rp. I dunno, something around that. what do you guys think?
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• 9/22/2013

A New Form of Roleplay.

Well, we were discussing the prospect of introducing text messaging as a new form of roleplay here. I personally love the idea, and from the words of some of our other community members, they have wanted to do this for a long time. Well, we have a tentative template that we can use for this that was made by Nia, and everything is all set to move forward with this project. But, I wanted to have a community discussion about it before we make any further steps. Please state all thoughts, concerns, and/or other types of judgments below.
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• 9/16/2013

Featured Items?

Heeeeeey. Well, a few of us were deciding on a new home page, and I came up with this. There's a featured items section on it, and I was wondering if you guys want to keep it on there and we could vote on items for each month and keep it updated before I transfer the coding over. Discuss below, please.
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• 9/14/2013

Character Archive Page

Hey everyone. So I thought of this idea for the wiki.
I noticed that when someone gets rid of their character, the character is completely lost with really no record of them. I was thinking we should make a character archive page for deleted OC's. Whenever a user deletes their character, they should add them to the character archive page. All you'll need to put is a picture of them, explanation, and how they contributed to the roleplay. There could be a new section for each character. I just think this is a good thing to have so we have a record of old OC's. And users could put a redirect to the archive on their character's page using the redirect code.
The sections on the page could look like this:

Sierra McCor
Sierra McCor is a 16 years old. Her birthday is February 12, 1997. She is very peppy and likes chicken. Her parents are Fiona and Robert McCor and she has a younger sister named Rosa. She dated Anthony McKinley for a brief amount of time. She left California on September 12, 2013.

It could be something like that, idk, make revisions as you please. So what do you all think?
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• 9/13/2013

Promoting Users, Infoboxes & More

Heyyyy :) As most of you probably know, I'm Jade, and I'm going to share my suggestions for this fab wiki. :D

Promoting Users
I noticed that this wiki is really growing, so I thought that maybe we could promote a few users. I suggest that we should promote Sunny and Lydiaaa to rollbacks because they're freaking awesome yo.

I also noticed (I'm a stalker, dun mind me) that this wiki used infoboxes that are like, y'know, named <character name>Info. I think that we should update the standard un-customized infobox so that users can customize the infobox and they don't need to make another template like EchoInfo or something like that.

Word bubbles
IMO, I don't think the "Child of <parent's name>" is needed in the character's WBs. We could remove the "Child of <parents>" thing entirely and replace it with the link of the character's MySocial account (if the char has one). Also this was inspired from Lumblr's WB style, so credits to Mini.
So there's my suggestions for this fab wiki. Dun forget to give me some feedback. Thanks~
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• 8/30/2013

I made a new template.

In light of a recent situation in which several users severely protested the deletion and subsequent page deletion of two beloved OCs, I have created a template so that we can archive pages in the chance that OCs can be brought back or the page can stay in order to re-read rps (for plot purposes).
We don't have to use it, but I thought this would come in handy.

Suggestions/@comment-NinjaNia-20130830000256has moved and this page has been archived by request.
Code is: { { Moved2 } }without the spaces.
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• 7/6/2013

i just wanna run this by you guys

Yeah, this idea might suck but eh I wanna suggest it just to see.
I noticed that you guys were discussing how to converse through MySocial. I think we could just do it on the forums. Like, at the bottom of each page there's the 'Discussions about ____/MySocial. If another OC has something to say, you guys could just use their status bubbles and RP the convos.
Yeah, it sucks, I know, but yeah, it's just an idea. Discuss below.
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• 6/17/2013

Tumblr dedicated to this wiki

I'm just so obsessed with Tumblr I'm sorry
like this
I'll even run it so you guys don't have to... I mean if you want to we can all run it together but you know what I mean.
Why do you think?
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• 6/12/2013

Upgrading the MySocials

So I was thinking that on some social networking sits, there are places where users can chat/message with other users on their profiles, kinda like our message walls. 
This idea is just a suggestion, nothing detailed, so whaddaya think?
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• 6/8/2013

Deleting Home Pages

I believe that the home pages here are not necessary. It is shown that there are RPs that can take place at a home in which the OCs are in the home but the home does not have a page.
Also, the homes aren't getting much use either. The Greene Residence is an unnecessary page, because if you've caught up on your RPs, Lizzy was kicked out. The Chong Residence is unnecessary because Audrey has not been here for a while, and is unable to RP there. Both of these only have ONE RP each.
Unlike public locations, homes aren't open to more than just one or two people. That decreases the chances of a real rp happening at a home.
They take up unnecessary space, and haven't been shown to be somewhat of an archive like the event pages.
I believe that home pages are unnecessary and should be deleted for all these reasons.
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• 5/25/2013

Inactive OC's

I've been noticing there have been a lot of inactive OC's. For example, TheCoreyyDarnell is an inactive user so all of his OC's are inactive. I think, for characters like this, we should make an inactive template and put it on all of the character's that have not participated in a roleplay in a month/the characters of users who have not been on in a month. This will tell users that that character is inactive so you probably shouldn't start a roleplay to avoid a huge amount of unfinished threads. Then I think we should set a time limit for inactive characters.
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• 5/2/2013

Promoting Certain Users

As you all know, Michelle, Corey, and I are administrators on this wiki. But, I think that we should have at least one more, at least temporarily. Below are my suggestions for who and why.
I think either Sunny, Tanni, or Jess should become the new admin(s) because they are active, model wiki citizens, and great roleplayers. They would set good examples.
Also, we need another administrator as Corey cannot get on at this time and I believe Michelle might be on a hiatus/left the wiki because she recently edited her profile to say "I have to leave the wiki anyways so OMFGLOL".
I also ask for bureaucrat rights because in case Michelle is going on a looong hiatus or has permanently left the wiki, I feel that there should be someone who can promote users in her absence.
If my ideas are not put into action, I request that Sunny at least be given Rollback/Chat Mod rights and Tanni and Jess given rollback rights in addition to the Chat Mod rights.
Although, as I arrogantly add, bureaucrat rights for me wouldn't hurt all all.
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